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8 Ways to Prepare for Your College Academic Interview

by Nov 8, 2016Homework Solutions

After finishing school, most students apply to colleges for higher education. Out of those students, there are many students who opt for a post graduation in same or different colleges before working. Apart from taking in the grades which the student achieves during his course of study, colleges conduct interviews with them inorder to short-list them. These interviews hold a mammoth weightage for the admission of the student into the college.

Here are 8 things on should keep in mind while preparing for an interview

  1. Knowledge about the college

The student should have complete knowledge regarding the college. This includes the reputation of the college, subjectstaught, notable alumni, fees structure, etc. This makes the interviewer aware that the student is really interested in joining the college. The more knowledge one has about the college, the better impression it leaves on the interviewer.

Why should you know about the college?

It is simply because; your college interview would be the first chance to create a proper impression. Also, you need to sound convincing that why you want to join that particular college which can only come with background knowledge about the institution.

  1. Why should the college consider you?

The student should lay emphasis on the value he can provide to the college. He should be able to highlight the contributions he can make to college. This makes the interviewer more apprehensive about the student and it increases his chances of acing the interview.

  1. Don’t be a fake talent

The student should not memorize a script as to how he should be with or talk to the interviewer. This will not only make the student nervous, but will also create a negative impact on the interviewer. They should keep in mind that interviewer has taken many interviews in the past and would understand if the candidate is reading from a script or not. Thus he should be himself.

  1. Proper communication skills

There should a flow of conversation between the interviewer and the candidate.This shows that the candidate is confident and is good at conversing. One way conversations can reduce the chances his acceptance.

If you think that your communication skills are not that good then check these following tips:

  • Be a good listener and observer

Even before you start talking about yourself, know what they are looking for. Once you know that for sure, the next step will be presenting yourself in their melody.

  • Know how to speak properly

Speaking is a major part. Do not rush or be very slow. Make sure your voice is audible and you speak in proper pronunciation.

  • Have a strong stock of words
  • Don’t talk about things you don’t know
  • Never beat around the bush, give to the point answer
  • Maintain a proper sitting posture. Don’t slouch!
  • Always wear formals or light colored clothes while going for a college interview
  1. Talking about activities, interests

You should talk about his activities, interests and hobbies which are different from his field of study. This helps the interviewer get to know you better. It also lightens up the interview process and willmake you more comfortable.

Along with that, it will also make an impression of you that you always have been active. Also remember this is always a cookie point for being creative.

  1. Make a proper resume

There might be situations where the student has dropped grades in a semester or might have skipped a year due to some reason. He should talk about it with the interviewer in-order to clear all the doubts that might arise in the minds of the interviewer.

  1. Make sure your high school grades are good

Having a good marksheet is imperative. This will not only show how studious you are, along with that it will reflect your hard working personality. In case you are not sure how to fetch good marks in high school, the following tips will help you:

  • Do your work with proper concentration. I know it gets difficult, but you need to focus absolutely while studying
  • Write your assignments well. This will not only help you in getting good marks, along with that you will be able to have a clear concept and understanding of your subjects. If you are having problem then you can consult professional homework help services.
  • Maintain a routine. It isvery important to follow a routine as it will help you in being more discipline in every aspect of your academic career.
  • Don’t keep your work logged back as the pile of work will only increase with time.
  1. Internships!

It will be very beneficial for you if you are pursuing higher education. Internships make you look and prove the point that you have been a hardworking student throughout your life. This is also a big promise to the college that you will contribute your effort in every field possible.

These are the few absolute ways that you should keep stacked up your sleeves. I rememberthat my first college interview was extremely nerve wrecking and I was almost on a verge to have anervous breakdown. This is something that you need to camouflage smarty because once they understand; they might put you under more strain just to see how you react. This is how they also judge your will power.

Now, with all thesetips it’s time for you to rock your first college interview and get through your dream college!