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8 Reasons Why Your Child Is Cheating During Exam

by Jun 1, 2017Homework Solutions

Cheating in class will not make him or her good student or a successful person in his/ her life. A cheater sometimes becomes habituated of cheating in the exam and also in their virtual life. They become reluctant of doing any work assigned to them. Sometimes, they also start misbehaving their parents if their parents ask them to study. They only have one thing in their mind that they will pass the exam whether they study or not. These activities cause an immature behavior among them.

They start drinking, smoking etc. The study is the only thing to bind students in their worlds. If students do not study, then they will waste their mind in all other distinguish bad habits. If your child is also cheating during the exam, be aware of harmful effects of that in your life. Stop them from cheating others. Otherwise, it will be so late that you will punish yourself for that. Always remember cheaters can’t be a good teacher.

Below are the reasons why your child cheats during the exam:

  1. Competitive education

Nowadays, education system became competitive. It seems like everyone is running in the crowd to win higher percent in the exam. Small minds should not be pressurized because of competition in education. They are here to enjoy their adolescence.

Here are some ways to reduce the burden of competitive education:

  • Spend time with your child

By spending time with your child will also help them to get out of the book world and will allow them to enjoy their life. Childs are so delicate and adorable. They should not always engage in the world where they cannot enjoy their infancy. It’s parent’s duty to take them out.

  • Help them in the study

Parents are the first tutor of their child. Don’t let others rule their mind. As a parent, it is your responsibility to help them to complete their tasks and home assignments. It will create a good relationship between parents and child.

  1. Parent’s pressure

There are some parents also who force their child for the high percentage of marks. Being pressurized a student thinks a lot about their percentage and thus cheats in the exam. It’s not about only those students who are weak or reluctant. There are other brilliant students too who takes cheating as a backup plan. They cheat because of parent’s pressure of bringing high percent in the exam.

  1. Excessive workload

Nowadays, every parent expects a lot from their child. By forcing your child in other activities like sports, singing, dance may divert their concentration from the study. Those children who are engaged in many activities at a time cheat during the exam because of lack of time for preparation. Parents should not force their child for several activities. They should take care of the interest of their child.

  1. Reluctant and lazy student

There are some students of reluctant and lazy nature. They skip studying whole year and waste their time in other worst activities. Such students after not getting time to complete their syllabus cheat during the exam. They try to cover the whole syllabus only in one month which is an impossible task. Their parents need to be responsible enough to handle them.

  1. Phone and social media

Some parents are responsible for the misbehavior and illegal activities of their child. Nowadays, the mobile phone is the necessity of every person. But none should forget the adverse effect of it. A child of class VI has no need of phones but they still having it because their parents gave that. Those children use mobile phones for playing games on it and using other social networking sites because of which they don’t get time for study and thus cheats during the exam.

  1. Lack of interest in study

Some children are born for some different activity with different ability except study. If your child is not curious in the study but is in other activities like sport, singing, dance, then you should motivate them in their field. Every child can’t become Einstein. Help your child being a good parent in achieving their dream of life. They are adorable and thus don’t force them for your dream of life.

  1. Shortage of study material provided by teacher

Sometimes, the study material supplied to the student is also not accurate. In that case, students don’t have a choice other than cheating during the exam. Teachers should supply all the study material according to syllabus within the time limit.

  1. Campus gaffe

Children will cheat if their campus has loopholes. There are some invigilators who leave examination halls empty during the exam and went outside the hall. In that case, students who don’t intend to cheat also cheat because of guard’s carelessness.  Invigilator should be attentive enough so that no one can cheat during the exam.