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Creative Ways to Enhance Your Interest in Studies

by Jun 1, 2017Homework Solution

Don’t like studying?? Relax, you are not the only one who finds studying boring. Well, actually, if you find your attention getting swayed while studying for a long span of time, you are perfectly normal. It happens with all of us. But, as you know, nothing comes easy. In order to be successful, you have to dedicate some hours to your studies, isn’t it? Who says studying can’t be fun? Don’t worry, that’s why we are here to help you with creative ways to enhance your interest in studies.

Get ready to rumble. Studying is going to be fun now. Ditch that age old traditional of studying and prepare yourself to incorporate the following creative ways to make the activity of studying interesting:

  • Use shortcuts and tricks:

The most common complaint of students is that they study the whole text, but after some time, some vital facts and figures skip their mind. One thing which can come to your rescue is using shortcuts and tricks .You can make acronyms of sentences to help you remember them. For example, for remembering the stages of cell division, memorize the word IPMAT, where I stands for Interphase, P for Prophase, M for Metaphase, A for Anaphase and T for Telephase. Similarly, Vedic Mathematics techniques can be used for ease of calculations in Mathematics.

  • Change locations:

If you are able to concentrate well by sitting at one place, it is well and good. But, if you find walking and studying to be effective, do that. Some people feel that studying in the morning, while taking a stroll in their garden, helps them to remember things better. Sometimes, when you are tired, you can even lie down on your couch and go through your book. But make sure that you don’t fall asleep. Mix your positions and locations and study effectively.

  • Be curious:

Always keep the zeal and enthusiasm to learn new things every day. If you are passionate and curious to know things, studying will be a lot fun and easier.

  • Incorporate new and creative ideas :

Get creative. While reading any particular text, form stories in your head related to that topic- this helps you to remember things better. Try to associate things around you with the things you are learning. In this way, you will feel studies to be a part of your life. Make pictures and draw symbols related to the topic you are studying. Visualization helps a lot.

  • Method of LOCI and POMODORO:

The method of LOCI involves imagining a familiar path in your mind to remember things. Suppose, you take the path from your home to your bus stop. There will be many landmarks on the way. Try to associate each landmark with a particular thing which you have to remember. In this way when you are thinking about the path in your head, you will definitely imagine the landmarks too and certainly the things which you had associated with those landmarks. Give it a try. It really helps!

Admit it. These days we have a lot of distractions around us- our mobile phone is the biggest one among them. Everyone tells you to switch off your phone while studying. Ok, we can definitely switch off our phones but can we really switch off our minds from the thoughts of getting important messages and phone calls? No. Here, the Pomodoro method comes to our rescue.

Divide your work into small intervals, say, 20 minutes. Study for that interval. Check your phone for notifications then continue studying for the next interview. In this way, the work gets completed and you are spared of the torture of being away from your phone for hours.

  • Effective time management:

Time is too precious. Don’t waste it. Say, you and your friend has made a plan for a movie. He hasn’t arrived yet and you are waiting for him. Instead of getting angry and cursing him, carry small notes with you and read them in that time. Similarly, you can stick your notes by the side of your mirror so that when you are getting ready, you can have a look at those.

  • Maintain a routine and treat yourself accordingly:

Set your goals and stick to it. Write down your goals in the wall facing your study table. This will keep you focused. Maintain a timetable and follow it rigorously. Don’t leave your work unfinished. Complete your tasks which you have assigned yourself for the day. We all like to be appreciated. So, when you have completed a difficult task, reward yourself for the hard work. Treat yourself to your favorite sweet-dish. This keeps you motivated and doesn’t let you lose focus from your work.

  • Skim:

Nobody is always in the mood for studying long texts. When any topic is extremely long and boring, you don’t have to read the entire text. Skim through the topic. Pay attention to the sub-topics. That will give you a general idea about the whole thing. It will serve the purpose for the time being. The next time when you are in a fresh state of mind, you can go through the whole thing.

  • Group studies:

Studying alone can get monotonous at times. Make groups for studying and interact with your peers. Share your opinion about the topics and discuss your doubts. Group studies can be very beneficial because you obtain a lot of information from others. Also, you get to know where you stand which helps you to prepare better for the competition. But make sure that you don’t waste your time in useless gossips while studying in groups.

  • Participate in discussions and competitions:

Make sure that you are an active participator in your class. Be an attentive listener. Indulge in discussions. Ask questions from teachers. Try to participate in quiz and debate competitions. When you are preparing for these competitions, your knowledge base gets updated with new information.

  • Maintain cleanliness:

Always make sure that your study table is not cluttered. Keep things arranged. A clean   surrounding helps you to concentrate better.

  • Use internet:

We can’t live without internet these days. Instead of using it for socializing the whole time, you can use it for learning things. Learn through online video lectures, use different search engines and download applications related to your subjects. Trust me, using internet takes studies to an entirely new level and you are even spared from the scolding of your parents for using mobile for long hours.

That’s all folks. Hope you had a good time going through the article and you will definitely use these creative ways to enhance your interest in studies.