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8 Outstanding Tips to Write an Impressive Essay

by Nov 6, 2016Assignments

Writing skill is one of the most important and essential skills that our societyadheres since the early history. Through writing, we can express our feelings.That is whywriting competitions such as essay writings, story writing, poem writing, etc. are so popular in every era of civilization.
Writers, authors andpoets have come up with their feelings to the mass through their creative writings.Writing also plays a vital role in creating a mass opinionregarding socio-political issues.
Essay writing is only a part of the vast field of theworld of writings. However, it is never the less important, especially in thecase of academic issues. We all must be familiar with essay writingsassigned in homework and tests and how much we have to struggle to get satisfactory marks in them.
Are you too having troubles trying towrite appreciable essays in your assignments and tests?Do not worry, as here aresome ordered ways that can help to write not only a good but an impressive essay for your school or college.

  • Get the meaning

First, you must understand the meaning of essay writing.Essay writingusually describesnature,situation, process, an object– living ornon-living, a person, etc.The main aim of an essay must and should be to bring forward the feel of its topic in its content.If it is a description, then a reader must be able to visualize the idea just by reading it.
For example, while reading an essay on summer weather, one should be getting a fair idea about the weather, not the summer dresses or sports.

  • Choose topic

Choosing a topic for your essay is the most importantdecision to make. Although, this decisionis not always uptous in thecase of tests and assignments,but mostly we are givena few optionsabout essay topics in case of tests and assignments. There we are required to make a wise choice.
Amongst the given option, choose the topic which seems interesting and relevant to you. You can also make your choice on the basis ofyour knowledge on a specific subject.The better your knowledge will be the more points you will be able to give in your essay.

  • Structure the ideas

Once you have decided a topic, begin to set up the main ideas and points that you want to give.You can also gather information from booksand net, in case you are given an essay as ahome assignment. Jot down that information in an ordered form of points – the order in which you wish to write the essay.
If you confront an essay in a test, you are on your own. You can only form the structure virtually in your mind and must remember them while writing the essay.

  • Give attractive title

Making a title for an essay isanother determining factor for its quality.Make sure that your title is different from the usual titles that teachers or readers encounter.It must help the reader to grow an interest in reading this essay. But, remember! Usually, good titles are not self-explanatory about the content.
When someone reads the title, he or she mustget only a half-hearted idea about the content and thusis compelled to start reading out of their owninterest.
For example, while writing an essay on a rainy season, instead of naming it ‘Rainy Season’, you can use a title like, ‘The time when the streets go wet’.

  • Begin properly

The beginning of any writing must be properin accordance withthe idea and topic. An essay must essentially start with an introduction. The introduction introduces a reader to the topic of the essay and eases him or her into the main content. It is always better togive a reader some hints about what to expect in the content.

  • Focus on body

After theintroduction, you should start writing the body of your essay.First make sure that there is a link between the endings of introduction and beginning of themainbody, otherwise, it will look odd.
Now, expand your predefined points that you wrote down or had in your mind. Make sure of the fact that the points you writeare in order of their significance.
Donot make your points excessive lengthy or monotonous. You should stick to the topicand not give unnecessary information.That wouldbore the readers and disengage them from reading any further. Besides, in assignments and tests you also have a word limit to maintain and you must express your ideas within that limit.
Use of modern and efficientgrammar and vocabulariesare always appreciated.So you musthave enough vocabularyand knowledge about their usage and hence apply them in writing your essay. You must be innovative too. Your creativity can grab your reader. So try to focus on your creativity to make your essay different from other and attractive to your reader.

  • End with a conclusion

Every essay-writing must have a smooth ending. If the end is abrupt, then the reader will not be satisfied reading it. In fact, a poor ending oftenturns all your hard work and long writing of the content useless.
If you do not want that to happen, you have to bring your idea to some conclusion. Write a small concluding paragraph. Remember, an essay is nota shortstory. Hence, it must have a definite ending.

  • Revise it all

After writing the conclusion, some students think thattheir job is over. But, it is not entirely accurate. After finishingwriting, you have to shift your perspective from a writer to a reader. Then you must start reading from the beginning of your essay and see to it that there is nooddness orany missing linkin writing.
If you feel something is amiss, feel free to write in between. But make sure that do to this addition your writing do not become untidy.Once this is done, your work can be considered finished.
The ways mentioned above are enough to turn your essay into an impressive one. However, if you want to shine on your teachers or readers, you can also add something more at the end of your essay.After theconclusion, you can write a reference or a bibliography– thenames of those sources from where you borrowedthe used information.
That would make your essay perfect in allsense and may most probably fetch you an ‘A’ grade. In fact, if you follow the 9 simple steps to get “A”s in all your subjects, one of them must be totake your composition skills to a whole new level, and that would include writing best essays.
If these are not sufficient for increasing your essay writing skill you can surf the internetthere, you can find lots of other tips.  Several online essay writing help providers also available there. They are the most reliable, instant and latest way of learning for any topic for students and professionals too. Their popularity growing day by day globally because:

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So, go ahead with all these tips and make your essay attractive and impressive to all the readers!