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8 Encouraging Steps for Students Having Aversion to Complete Their Assignment

by May 26, 2017Assignments

Once in a blue moon an assignment comes your way that gets you excited. Most often than not, assignments are just tedious. Unfortunately, not submitting an assignment is not an option. You lose grades and that’s risky business. Are you losing hair at the thought of the pile of homework lined up? There is light at the end of the tunnel so don’t lose it all just yet.

The things students hate about assignments:

  • The thought of an assignment itself is a problem.

You dread it the moment the professor mentions it. Group assignment, individual assignment, presentations, charts, viva, the list could go on. To top it all, each paper has its own type of assignment.

  • Research, research and some more research.

Professors introduce topics in class but expect you to go and study it in depth, while you work on an assignment.

  • Identifying the correct source.

While the library always helps, you need the latest information most often than not for your homework. And for that searching the net is required. How would you know the information you’ve found on the net is the correct one? Losing grades after researching extensively, over incorrect information, really hurts.

This is so embarrassing. And often you don’t even realize that you have written something really similar to something that is available elsewhere on the net. But not only do you get penalized for it, professors have their eyes on youafter this happens.

  • Assignment topics that go above your head.

You think you know. And then you start reading and soon nothing makes sense. Sometimes it involves complicated problem solving. Assignments are usually done in the quiet of the night by most of us- but the disadvantage of this habit is that no one is really available to help if you have a query or two. And most of the times assignments are started and completed (hopefully!) the night before they are due.

Here are 8 steps that can help to overcome aversion to assignments:

  1. Create a schedule

Often, dislike for assignments is due to the stress that comes with it. That is why it requires a bit of planning and creating a schedule so that you can not only do all your assignments, you have time for your extra-curricular and other activities.

  1. Find the right space

Homework requires a lot of thinking, and it needs you to be patient and calm. You need to find that space which makes you comfortable enough to relax and work.

  1. Find your music

Or anything that makes you go into your zone. Usually music helps to concentrate. Try not to play your favorite stuff only otherwise you’d be focusing more on the music than on your assignment.

  1. Breaks

Even if your assignment is due tomorrow and you’ve just started to work on it today (terrible idea by the way), you still need your breaks. A 10 minute breather every hour or so is a good idea. It helps to clear your head. Don’t do anything too distracting to get out of your zone but don’t spend your break time thinking about your assignment either. Have a snack. Take a catnap. Listen to music, dance, do anything that relaxes you.

  1. Avoid being socialize

Terribly difficult task but smartphones can be so distracting. Checking social media or chats or IM’s often distract you and break your concentration and that could lead to further frustration towards your assignment.

  1. Get rid of the difficult bits first

Leaving difficult assignments or difficult bits in your topic for last is the worst decision you can make. When you are starting off, your brain isn’t overtired, overworked. While they shouldn’t be the first thing you start off with, they should be tackled as soon as you’ve gotten into the flow. If you keep it for the end, most likely you won’t finish your assignment, or you’d mess it up because you can’t think any more.

  1. Don’t start with the most difficult parts

You’re dreading the assignment, even before you’ve begun. How to start writing the assignment in itself is a mind boggling thing and then if you decide to start with the most difficult bits, most likely you will give up on the assignment before you’ve even begun. Keep it as the next point to tackle.

  1. Get help

A sure shot way to make assignments more likeable, here’s why you should get help online:

  • Guidance to understand the topic

You procrastinate because you either dislike the topic and/or you think it’s a boring one but otherwise easy. And then while working on the assignment,you realize that you dislike the topic even more because you can’t understand most of what you are reading. Thankfully, there are experts available online who can clarify all our doubts. All you need to do is chat, or call.

  • Help with research

This is probably the best thing ever. Researching takes forever and sometimes you spend days reading material which is not even needed. And often you don’t have days in hand. Lack of proper research would most likely translate to bad grades, which no one wants. There are online sites where you could get help. They will assist you in your research and guide you to the right direction.

  • Identifying the correct source

This is so important. These online sites not only help with your research but ensure the information you’re getting is from all the right places-basically sources your professors would approve of.

  • Plagiarism free assignment

Can you believe it? No one will ever use the word ‘plagiarized’ for your assignments again.  There are assignment help sites which ensure that your work is a 100% plagiarism-free document.

  • Guidance at anytime

No more giving up on that assignment just because you are stuck at some point at some odd hour. These sites give you the option of having help available even in the middle of the night.

  • Customized content

The content made available to you by these assignment help sites ensure they are customized and original. Group assignments, individual assignments, preparation for viva, presentations-whatever your assignment is, you can get help for it. They usually give importance to the detail required in your assignment, so automatically the quality of your work becomes high.

Assignments can be made interesting and even enjoyable if the approach is right. Planning ahead, right approach and a little help from your friends (or the online guides-call them what you want!) is all you need to get rid of your fears.