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7 Ways to Avoid Procrastination While Doing Homework – In Details

by May 26, 2017Homework Solution

Being a student is probably the best stage of life one can experience, the joy of saving your pocket money for a friend’s birthday or the feeling when you are a favorite student of every teacher, school life is a time to create memories which you cherish for life. Well one thing on which every student will perhaps agree is that, when we are in school, we always think of how fascinating our lives will become when we grow up and start working, but the fact is that once we grow up we realize how critical those years are as they work as the stepping stones of our wonderful future.

One fact about studies or school we all hate is those deadly assignments and submission deadlines. The term ‘Homework’ has never been in the good books of majority of students, it is something which we religiously resist and run from. But while we grow up we realize how vital those assignments are for our learning. Assignments are a great medium of learning new things on our own; our education system demands a level of effort to be put in by the students towards their studies.

Coming back to my point of the level of resistance towards homework, it is apt to talk about one thing which brings all the students across boundaries together, Procrastination. Let’s go deep into the term and find out what exactly is it.

What is Procrastination?

Procrastination refers to the avoidance of completing a task that needs to be fulfilled. It is a state when the other things seem more pleasurable than completing an assigned work. Procrastination takes another level when the students don’t want to work until the last minute of the deadline. It only provides a momentary joy which further turns into regret and dissatisfaction.

According to a study, an estimate of about 65- 80% of students engage in a moderate to extreme level of procrastination.

What are the possible reasons for procrastination?

  • Over stressing can be a possible reason where students panic about doing a lot and end up doing nothing.
  • Peer pressure can also lead to it as you have friends around you who have a ‘let it go’ attitude which you adopt.
  • Lack of interest against a particular subject or an area can also lead to the same.
  • The temporary pleasure you get by avoiding work and doing some leisure work takes a toll at the end.
  • Psychological reasons such as depression or anxiety causes delay in a lot of actions.
  • Laziness can be a biggest reason for procrastination, wherein students do not want to get out of their comfort zone to complete the work.

Let’s discover the 7 steps through which we can get rid of the state of ‘Procrastination’.

  • Start by analyzing your level of procrastination

All of it starts with a test to check how extreme you are on the procrastination scale. It includes keeping a tap on how much do you procrastinate and what kind of tasks do you tend to take lightly. Once you find out the level try and know the reasons why you procrastinate.

  • Begin with setting short term goals for you

Students can opt for setting objectives and milestones for themselves. It’s like putting yourself under a deadline decided by you only.  Teenagers have a tendency to only take their work seriously when there is an external pressure.

  • Take a break from all those social media accounts

Today; social media works as a major reason for the distraction from studies in a student’s life. Suppose you come out of that lazy blanket and start working and suddenly there is a whatsApp reply you were eagerly waiting for. You will definitely choose that text over someone.

  • Take a break from watching television and movies

It’s high time that our prime focus get shifted to the main work in life. For those, who go bananas over their favorite actor’s movie? Possess a tendency of whether it’s good or not.

  • Make your study area look more creative and innovative

It’s a brilliant idea to do a minor shift to the place where you sit and work on regular intervals because that ensures a higher level of interest in studies or the task given to you. Clean and beautiful places bring in, the vibe of positivity.

  • Keep rewarding yourself –

This is a technique, which ensures an increased level of enthusiasm towards you works. It is advisable to start rewarding yourself for those little things you do. Students can keep some good rewards in terms of anything which is worked upon, so that writing assignments becomes a game where you should always be a winner.

  • Break the work into subheads–

It is obvious that sometimes it gets complicated to write an assignment for 5 or 6 pages and we end up doing procrastination of the work, but the only solution to this problem is that students can divide or break their work into simpler sections and then continue working on them.

These are some of the ways how you can get rid of this habit of avoiding work till its deadline. But with my personal experience, I would like to add that I also used to be a serious procrastinator long back and then I realized that till the time you go through that feeling of satisfaction after completing a work, you won’t be able to understand the excitement of working on time.

There are multiple views available on the following topic, regarding the assignments, in case a student wishes to go through different areas and details of the subject. You can probably handle it with care; everything available is on one short detail, page like “How to stop procrastinating on homework”.

So just push yourself a little towards your goals, come out of that comfort zone to achieve your objectives and put aside all the procrastination to attain a successful and happy life. All the best!