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Mind Boggling Memorising Tricks to Remember Calculative Formulas for Physics and Mathematics

by May 26, 2017Mathematics

You may have a good memory but every person is not blessed with the same as the grasping capability of every person is not same. There are some memorising tricks to make it remember your hard concepts of mathematics and physics.

By learning those tricks one can add creativity and fun in studying mathematics and physics that are considered to be a bit complicated subjects in beginning. Both these subjects require utilisation rather than memorization.

Tricks to remember the calculative formulas of Physics


Physics is a kind of structured subject so all information related to physics must be organised in a logical manner.  When you are learning big details, associate the points which are related to the subject and keep on going through subject from general to specific.


The best way of memorising the formulas of physics is to understand the meaning of a concept, its derivation and relation with other concepts of physics, quantities, and units in formulas. Knowing the history of a concept sometimes, help more in understanding the formulas of physics and will spark your memory.

Make more use of formulas:

If you wish to remember formulas for long; make use of the same as much as it is possible. Try to solve many problems with the use of those formulas. Practically try to learn the formulas rather theoretical basis.

Be loud:

Try to share your knowledge with other people related to all observations and formulas of physics. Ask questions from other people related to physics and do participate actively in the classroom. It is helps in improving your performance for exams.

Regular practice:

Best way to memorising formulas of physics is regular practicing of the same. It helps in better understanding and ultimately results into owning of the knowledge.

Super memorising tricks:  

Only recalling the concepts sometimes is not sufficient. Mnemonics is one of the best ways in recalling concepts of physics.

Three simple steps to learning the way of doing Mnemonics

Step I- Put the keywords in a logical order.

Step II – Write the first letter of every keyword.

Step III- Create word, phrases and sentences from the first letter of keyword.

Do over study:

All those concepts which are very hard to remember must be studied minimumn10 -20 cards using note sheets, flash cards and much more. Look, write, read and listen to the same so that it will store in mind.

Break it into many parts:

One needs to make a division of long list into shorter ones. Make syllabus into segmented parts and keep working on them at regular intervals.

 Some other methods to keep remember tricks

AIR Memory Method

The AIR memory method of memorising tricks is a three step process.

A – Attention

I – Impression

R – Relation

  1. Attention:

Giving attention to concepts while studying or reading is the first step of memorising formulas. Sometime when we are studying, mind is not focused, so need to have an environment to have a presence of mind. By following this step, it is easy to remember formulas.

What to do for paying attention?

  • Avoid distractions
  • Avoid Multi-asking
  • Focus on one thing
  • Try to sit in front during lectures and keep the eyes on the instructor
  • Try to avoid sitting with friends
  • Keep question from instructor to make no doubt left on your mind
  • Write some key points of the lecture.
  1. Impression

One should know what to remember in memorising the concepts of the physics. The best way to do so is the repeating of the facts via many channels such as reading, flash cards, homework, cheat sheets, rephrasing, lectures and speaking it loud. Making word relations is also one of the ways of making impressions. It helps in creating a memory triggering with which you are familiar with.

  1. Relation:

The learner makes integration of the parts with each other. It makes learning concept of physics an easier task.

Tricks to memorise the formulas of Mathematics

Keep your mind relaxed:

The problems of Mathematics are not meant for studying under stress. One need to make his or mind relaxed. It will create more focus on your task.

Do minimal reference checks:

Many people say that once take a look at formula will remain in the mind before sleeping will make the same remember till next day after waking up but still not able to remember the formula that learned last night. It is better to solve mathematical problems without looking the formula again and again.

Analysing the units

Put all the raw units of each variable in the formula and then analyse that you get the answer of units or not.

Learn to do structuration of formula:

You need to understand the process of structure of formula means the derivation of formula. Try to solve sums in which same formula is applied.  It helps in better understanding of formula.

In your mind, make the visualisation of the formulas assuming that your mind is a blank sheet and need to fill that blank sheet with formulas.

Train your memory related to mathematics formula:

Ask your friend to pick up any formula that you have to memorise previously learned in any of your current course. Each time you practice this exercise, it will help you in making better in extracting weaker memories.

It is quite surprised to know that one can easily remember the song without any effort as tune if song already set in the person’s mind. One needs to memorise the formula in the form of tune and rhythm.

Sticky notes

One should make a crisp and short note on your bed room related to the formula of mathematics. It helps in making regular touch with formulas during regular intervals without opening lengthy books of formulas. It helps in making last revision n at the time of exams.

Online formula test

Taking online test will make memory sharp of the formulas and brushing up of the syllabus in an effective manner. There are various e-learning portals available which covers all chapters of Mathematics. These online tests help in boosting up the confidence of student.

So over all, understanding and memorising the formulas of Physics and Mathematics is no longer a tedious task. One just needs to follow the simple tricks of remembering the formulas. So need to take stress and remain unperturbed about the results. Memorising the difficult formula is not all any complicated task for those who harbours phobia of subjects like Chemistry, Maths or Physics.

Student often feel waste of time doing exercise along with the studying. Exercising is very important for a good flow of oxygen to your brain and also proves really beneficial for memorising both the formulas of Mathematics and Physics. It makes you feel healthy and fit.