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7 Things You Must Avoid While Writing a College Assignment

by Aug 25, 2020Homework Help0 comments

Writing good assignments can be a challenging task if you do not understand its technicalities well. It requires strict adherence to time limits and numerous instructions. If you research online, it is likely that you will get plenty of articles that will provide you with tips and tricks to write well. While it is essential to know what you should do to deliver a good college assignment, it is equally important to know what to avoid while writing one. Once you are familiar with the don’ts of a good assignment, you naturally end up writing better.

Read till the end to find out more about how to improve the quality of your assignment.

Things You Must Avoid While Writing Assignments

Here’s a discussion on seven different things which you should avoid while writing an assignment.

  1. Not Conducting Enough Research

Proper research is the backbone of a good assignment. As soon as you get a topic for your college assignment, preferably you should start your research. Make a list of those materials which will help you with relevant information. You can access these either online or offline. While searching online, you will get a plethora of materials on a particular topic. However, you should ensure that the materials you are choosing are reliable and relevant. In case you are providing any statistics, check that it is correct and upto date. For every data you provide, make sure you cross-check it.

Moreover, the objective of an assignment is to help students gather in-depth knowledge regarding a topic. So, the more you research, the better understanding you get regarding your topic.

  1. Writing Irrelevant Content

The most crucial thing in an assignment is your content. It is a primary determinant of the quality of your assignment. Therefore, whenever you get a topic for an assignment, the first thing you should do is understand the topic. After critically analysing the subject, do proper research either online or offline as per your convenience. Only after you are confident about what is being asked in the topic, start your assignment. It would be best if you always tried to answer the question directly. Do not write too much as the reader may lose attention, also do not write too less as it shows lack of creativity. Adhere to the word limit and write what is precisely asked.

  1. Writing Plagiarised Content

Besides checking your knowledge, an assignment checks your creativity also. Therefore, while writing an assignment, you should make it a point to write original content. If your content is authentic, there is a higher possibility of scoring better. Moreover, plagiarism is ethically wrong. In case your content has traces of other people’s work, do not forget to provide proper citations.

  1. Lacking Clarity in the Thought Process

The ideas presented in your assignment should be coherent. For this, you need to do proper planning. After understanding the subject of your assignment and doing enough research, make a rough sketch of how you want to present your ideas. Once you are satisfied, you can start with your assignment. Make sure you address the subject directly. You should critically analyse the topic and provide valid arguments to support your viewpoint. The ideas should be sequenced logically. Transitions from one idea to another should seem effortless. Also do not forget to maintain a proper structure that of introduction, body and conclusion.

  1. Not Dividing the Content into Smaller Sections

While writing an assignment, you should divide your content into smaller sections. Distribution of content under proper subheads makes it easier for readers to understand what they can expect from it. Besides using proper subheads, you should also make it a habit of writing short sentences and paragraphs. Ideally, your sentences should be simple yet intriguing. You should also avoid using ambiguous or complicated words as far as possible. In case you are using technical terms, you can always consider explaining its meaning within brackets. While writing an assignment, you should adhere to the college assignment format as followed in your institution.

  1. Leaving Everything for the Last Minute

Many students tend to leave everything for the last moment. They procrastinate and start with their assignments only when the deadline is approaching. While doing so many times, they end up missing their deadline. Procrastination reflects a lack of discipline; it gives a negative impression about a person. Moreover, when you are under stress, you end up making silly mistakes.

Proper making of an assignment requires ample time. Therefore, it is always better to start with your assignment as soon as you get your topic. You can maintain a college assignment planner to keep track of your projects. The planner will help you to schedule your tasks accordingly.

  1. Not Proofreading the Assignment Before Submission

The last step before submitting an assignment is proofreading it. Before you submit your assignment, make sure it is free of these errors:

  • spelling
  • typing
  • grammatical
  • sentence-construction
  • tone

Besides, you should also check for any other minor mistakes that maybe there in your assignment. For this purpose, you can take the help of tools which are available online for free. Any data which you are providing should also be relevant, correct and updated. A college assignment which is free from these errors is bound to fetch you more marks.

Steps to write a good college assignment

Writing good assignments demand ample amount of time and expertise. For this purpose, you can take assistance from college assignment helper like my homework help online. However, if you are writing it by yourself, the steps given below will be helpful to you.

  1. Understand the topic
  2. Systematically plan your assignment
  3. Gather relevant information
  4. Make a draft of your assignment
  5. Make the final assignment
  6. Proofread this assignment and rectify if there is any mistake

A good assignment reflects your knowledge and creativity. Now that you know what to avoid while writing your college assignment, you will be able to improve its quality.