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7 Simple Steps to Be a pro in English

by Sep 13, 2016English

English is listed as one of the languages that the maximum number of people around the world wants to learn. This makes communicating easier even if it’s not the language of a country. It is an excellent language to learn whatever may be the reason whether for traveling, business or any personal reason. Though learning a new language needs commitment, hard work, and enthusiasm to make mistakes and this language is no different from any other language.
If you are not a native English speaker learning this language and using it efficiently can be a significant advantage for you in your personal as well as professional life. If you want to achieve natural, smooth and relaxed communication in this language, it will take time and constant practice.
Learn English
If you want to master anything, the foremost thing is to learn that thing. Same thing goes in this context. Learning English is the first thing that will eventually lead you to achieve your goal. You must be thinking about how you can learn it. You can do so by-

  • Reading books, academic articles consistently.
  • Watching movies and television series.
  • Reading it out loud.
  • Practice writing
  • Try to communicate as much as you can.
  • Find a native English speaking friend.
  • Use dictionary or thesaurus.
  • Be confident and relaxed while speaking.
  • Don’t be afraid and feel shy about making mistakes.
  • Do your best to build vocabulary at the highest level.
  • Listen carefully when other speaks.
  • Interact with people personally or in chat rooms.

Improve your skills
When you finish learning something, it becomes crucial that you always try to improve your skills so, that you can master it. Same thing goes with learning a language; if you want to learn it, you must try your hard to improve yourself. Now the question is how to improve your skills here are a few tips that will help you in improving your English.
Speak a little every day
The best way to become skilled at a new speech is just to speak it.  In this case, nothing matters whether you are a fluent speaker or someone who knows only a few words, with someone who is fluent and expert in that. This is the best way to improve your speech. Just make it your habit. Try to talk on a frequent basis it will help you in learning as well as you will get confident to use this speech more frequently, slowly you will get the fluency.
Perfect your pronunciation
Even though, you have an excellent grip on your speech along with proper grammar and an extensive vocabulary, if you don’t improve your pronunciation you native speakers will find it difficult to understand while communicating with you. If you want to be a pro clean and correct pronunciation is vital. You must listen carefully how native speakers pronounce particular sounds and words and try your best to copy them correctly.
You must pay special attention to sounds that don’t exist in your native tongue, and you are not familiar with. If you want to live or travel to an English-speaking country, you must take into account that pronunciation of specific words differs substantially subject to the part of the world it’s spoken in.
Use idiomatic phrases and develop your vocabulary
The more English phrases you use will help you in improving your skills. Expanded vocabulary will make it easier for you to use this speech. The best way to expand your vocabulary and to know more and more idiomatic phrases is to spend time with a native speaker. In simple term interacting with native speaking, a friend can help you a lot in improvising your speech. Watching television shows, movies and listening news also helps you in learning a new word.
Attain group discussion or classes
Another great way to sharpen up your skills is to attain group discussion and classes. It will help you in expanding your vocabulary as well as in giving you more chances to communicate with many people. It is a great way for focusing more on the formal side of conversing in English. These days much online professional help are there to assist you in learning and speaking fluently.
Improve your reading, writing, and listening skills
If you want to be pro emphasis on speaking is not enough. You have to master it in all aspect. You have to acquire good writing, reading and listening skills. To learn English, you are required to improve all areas. You must work on improving your reading, writing and listening abilities in this language. You have the correct native accent, but you are poor in writing and read it will ruin your image. You don’t have to do anything extraordinary for sharpening your skills. You can go through Engage yourself to know many more ways to enrich your writing skills.
For improving your writing skills start writing your thoughts or you can start keeping a diary and note all your day to day happening in English.
You can also look for pen pal whom you can write in English and who can reply you in same. You must start reading books and newspapers. It will help you in improving your reading skills. The best way to improve your listening skill is listening radio and podcasts. Watching movies and drama series will also assist you in improving your listening ability.