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How to Do Well in Physics in 10 Steps?

by Sep 13, 2016Physics

Physics is no doubt a scary subject to many people. While some may excel at it with utmost ease, there are many who fail to comprehend the basic concept. Because of this, their marks go down and they fail to do well in physics. However, succeeding in science stream and especially in physics is not particularly hard. If you are stuck with other subjects like your chemistry assignment then finding our top 10 tips on how to complete chemistry assignment in no time might help ease your problem.
Similarly, if you are stuck with your average grades, then it is time that you follow the 10 steps discussed below to succeed in this subject. However, the first step would be to get rid of that fear and then proceed.
10 steps to do well in physics

  1. Understand the basic concept

Physics consist of a number of theories and principles. In order to succeed well in this subject, you need to first understand these concepts.  The concepts are moderately difficult and if you concentrate well, you will be able to get the basic idea it wants to put forward. Once you understand it, any problem presented will be easy to solve.
Like for example, if you are weak in the reflection and refraction in mirrors, then you need to start at the very beginning about how light is reflected and refracted through various mediums.

  1. Memorize formulas

Once you understand the basic concept, you need to move on to the formulas. Now there are numerous formulas in physics some of which can be derived, and some of which you need to memorize. Memorize the basic ones like formula of velocity, force, acceleration, work, power and so on. You also need to memorize certain constants present in physics in order to solve problems on it like the speed of light, gravity on earth, Avogadro’s number and so on.

  1. Sharpen your math skills

In order to do well in physics, you need to be aware of your math skills. Physics is closely related to math and if you are not good in maths, then you won’t be able to do well in physics. So, if you math skills are poor, then work hard at it to improve it. Since many derivations in physics require a roper understand of integrals and derivatives, it is important that you have an idea about it and practice hard at it.
Listed below are some topics in maths that you should concentrate hard on:

  • Trigonometry
  • Algebra
  • Calculus
  • Mensuration
  • Geometry
  1. Read! Read and read!

When you are presented with a problem to solve, read the problem thoroughly. Jot down all the information presented and eliminate one by one, which is not required to solve. Go through the information presented and identify the missing variable and find it out. Get rid of any information not needed to solve the problem and gather the correct information. You can go through Tips to make your university physics homework interesting one.

  1. Convert the units properly

Often it has been seen that students either forget to convert the right units presented in a problem or they forget to write the units at the end of the answer. This makes the teacher deduct marks form your answers as an answer without the correct unit is considered to be a wrong answer.
So, when solving a problem, convert the units properly and use the correct numbers to do so. And also, check the answer at the end to ensure that you have written the right unit and converted it specifically as per the requirements of the question.

  1. Double check the answers

Once you are done writing an answer or solving a problem, it is essential that you double check the entire thing to ensure that you have written the correct answer.  Often students write the wrong answer at the end while solving it correctly and hence get marked wrongly.
Also, check again to make sure that you answer is as per the requirements of the question asked and specifically caters to it. When solving problems, do not forget to include minute details like the friction or resistance experienced and such other elements.

  1. Read the topic carefully

When you are studying a particular topic in physic and preparing an assignment or a test on it, ensure that you are reading it thoroughly. Read line by line first and understand the basic concept that it wants to put forward. Then read the important bits, like for example, the formulas related to it, the diagrams or numbers associated with it and such other information. Also, identify the topic of the problem like for example, is it related to translational motion or rotational motion.

  1. Draw correctly

When solving a problem on physics, it is imperative that you draw the appropriate diagram in order to solve it. If you make the wrong diagram, then the entire process will be wrong. When drawing a diagram, first list down the information and then try to picture the scene. You don’t need to be a Picasso to be able to draw a simple diagram, but it is necessary that you draw it neatly and properly so that you can comprehend it.

  1. Practice!

In order to do well in any science subject, you have to practice and practice quite hard at it. The more you practice, the more you would be better at identifying the problem and as a result, will be better at solving the problem. Moreover, practicing serves your memory better and allows you to remember the formulas and the constants when needed.
Although practice makes perfect but examples from daily lives can cement the theory in your mind. You can follow How to understand Physics with real life examples to understand the subject better.

  1. Get help

However, despite all the practice and all the studying sessions, sometimes you are unable to comprehend certain aspects of a topic. In such cases, you need to get some help. You can ask someone and appoint a tutor to help you to understand the subject better. You can even talk to your teachers about it and ask for some extra classes. Talk to your parents and ask whether they would be willing to help.
There are online websites available which help you with such a task. They help you to cope with the subject, understand the concept and learn better from the assignment. You can even avail their services if you want.
So, go ahead and follow these steps in order to score better in physics. Stop panicking and start practicing and do well in your tests. So get to studying now!
‘Success is doing ordinary things extraordinarily well.’