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Top 10 Tips on How to Complete Chemistry Assignment in No Time

by Sep 13, 2016Chemistry

Homework and assignments spell trouble for all students, irrespective of whether they are in college or school. Assignments are the sole reason why students are so reluctant to study and which is why they fear them. The existence of such assignments makes their life miserable and gives them ample amount of reason to avoid them which in turn makes homework time so difficult. They would do anything but sit down to study and especially if it is a subject rom the science stream. This is a tale heard and experienced by us all.
Especially with a subject like chemistry, assignments become all the more difficult. A large percentage of people avoid taking up science altogether and those who do, happen to regret it. Why is that so you ask? Well, the answer is simple. When you take on a subject like chemistry to study, you need to understand it thoroughly in order to complete the assignment which is exactly what concerns the students. Also, it barely leaves them with any free time after completing it.
So, how can you complete your chemistry assignments you ask? And also get to enjoy your time? Well, following certain tips listed below might help your case and make you get done with your assignments really fast.
Top 10 tips to complete chemistry assignment

  1. Read the material

When you have an assignment on chemistry to complete, it is imperative that you go through the material thoroughly. This might be the books which have been prescribed for that particular topic or some additional notes which you have collected while attending the classes or lectures. You can even go through the library and conduct extra research to gather more information on it. You can even conduct a web search to learn more about it.
The more information you gather, your assignment would be much better presented accordingly.

  1. Read the question

What most students blindly oversee when trying to complete an assignment on chemistry is the question. Not all questions demand the same amount of information and you certainly need to design your answer in accordance with what the question desires. Read the question carefully to understand what it wants.
For numerical question based assignments, does it ask you to calculate certain aspects? Are all the numbers given in the equation? Is anything missing from the equation? Or do you need to balance the equation?
For assignments which require you to read a bit, highlight what it is asking you to find out. You will find truckload of information on it. You need to screen through it in order to present an excellent answer.
Like for example, if the assignment is on organic chemistry, does the question ask you to differentiate between the various types of alcohol or do you simply need to write down the equations related to it? More often than not, the answer is included within the question.

  1. Try and understand

Simply cramming up or copying from one book to your notebook won’t do. You need to understand for future references. It is true that chemistry is a hard subject but it is not an impossible subject which you cannot understand at all. Take your time and read carefully. Start with the basics to understand better and work your way up.
Moreover, cramming only helps you in the short run, you will probably forget it again when the teacher asks you about your assignment, next day in class and suspects you of copying.

  1. Remove all distractions

If you want to complete your assignments fats and get rid of it in order to enjoy some free time, then get rid of all distractions. These distractions occur in the form of:

  • Cell phones
  • Laptops
  • Video games
  • Television
  • Presence of people
  • Noises created
  • Music blaring from headphones

Assign yourself a separate room or space which is detached from such distractions and allows you to concentrate in peace. If you are completely focussed on the work at hand and give it your full attention, then the probability of getting done with your assignments fast is really high.

  1. Stop procrastinating

Procrastination has proved to be the death of many assignments at the hand of students. Delaying your work and postponing it doesn’t help anyone. It, instead, consumes your free time and barley leaves you with any option. So stop procrastinating. Moreover, postponing it till the last minute simply produces a bad assignment which will surely attract much criticism form your teachers.
Assign a specific hour to complete and concentrate on your chemistry assignments. During this time, every day, work on your assignments which will turn into a daily habit. You can also follow Best ways on how to beat the deadline date to complete your assignment quickly.

  1. Cram key equations

Though cramming is bad, there are however some equation in chemistry which you need to memorize by heart. You do not need to learn every equation by heart, just understand the basic concept and some basic equations which will help you in the future. However, there are something’s which you cannot evade like principles and theories along with equations form organic chemistry.

  1. Take short breaks

Take short breaks in between assignments to work efficiently. Studies have proved that short breaks enhance the level of thinking and allow the students to work better as they can concentrate more. If you have been working at an assignment for an hour, then take a 30 minute break, by talking a walk, or making yourself a meal in order to rejuvenate yourself.

  1. Ask for help

It is crucial that you learn when to ask for help. There are certain assignments in chemistry which you cannot do on your own or need some help. Even if you cannot understand a concept, or cannot solve a numerical problem, then call for help immediately. You can ask for help rom your teachers or your parents or peer study group in order to complete your assignment.
There are also professional websites available online which are willing to help you out with your assignments. They help you to understand the concept better. You can even hire a tutor if possible, to do so and you will be done with your homework in no time.

  1. Keep practicing

The phrase ‘practice maketh one perfect’ is absolutely true and especially important when it is chemistry.  You need to keep practicing those equations in order to remember them by heart and know where the problem lies when presented with such questions.  The more you practice, the faster you will be at solving it.

  1. Use different study techniques

To learn and complete your chemistry assignment faster, it is important that you employ different study techniques. Use flash cards to remember better. Use highlighters to underline the important aspect of that lesson. You can even make your own acronym to remember things. You can also take help from selective professional websites for various study techniques.
Chemistry is a hard subject no doubt, but if you employ these tips you will get done with your assignments faster. So, go ahead and start studying now!
‘Start your day with a big challenge to achieve big success.’