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5 Top Tricks to Understand Chemistry Better

by Sep 6, 2016Chemistry

What is the first thing that comes to your mind when you hear about the subject chemistry? Formulas? Equations? Sums? Yes, they are all a part of it. And do not forget that there’s theory too. It’s true that the subject can sometimes appear to be quite over whelming. But it completely depends upon students whether they allow themselves to be over powered by their fear of the subject or do they choose to face it and ace it. The later choice is obviously more profitable for one’s career.
Not only in case of chemistry, but in case of any subject, a student can fall back if they unnecessarily start thinking that the subject is too tough for them. No subject is incomprehensible; otherwise they would not be in your syllabus. However, each student has his own forte: he might be good in some subjects and not so good in others. Still, nothing can beat the right amount of effort, with which a student can learn and practice any given subject.
Tips to overcome your fear

The first step towards learning chemistry better is to know that you can definitely understand everything about the subject if you want to. It’s not too complicated for you and it certainly is not an enemy. Much to the contrary, it is a very intriguing subject, which can even be addictive, and teach you awesome stuffs. You do know about ‘Breaking Bad’, right? Didn’t they make you want to know more about the subject? Well, chemistry can teach you a lot of other cool stuffs apart from cooking meth! So it’s very interesting basically, once you start paying attention.In fact, you can go a step ahead by seeking some sort of chemistry homework help from us which can now be availed online. I happened to use these helps a couple of times, they can be really student-friendly and beneficial.
So you can start your alliance with chemistry with the following steps:

  • Know that the subject can be interesting when you’re inclined to learn.
  • Know that sums and equations are only a part of it and can be dealt with easily.
  • Understand this subject can offer you bright career prospects.
  • Once you start taking interest, you’ll know a lot more than your peers and hence can act cool before them by showing off your erudite knowledge.
  • Forget that you ever dreaded the subject, just delete those memories from your mind and start anew.
  • Get proper chemistry homework help if need be.

How can you understand chemistry better?

Finally coming to the part you’ve been looking for: ways to understand chemistry better. There are a few tricks and methods for learning chemistry. If you follow these steps accordingly, it would not take long before you can excel in the subject!

  • Don’t mug up but understand the equations:

Students have this very common tendency to mug up chemical equations and reproduce them on their exam sheets. That might sometimes succeed in fetching you good marks, but in the long run you’ll only end up forgetting them. So if you’re planning to pursue chemistry for your higher studies, that’s not the way for you to go about it. The chemical names, symbols, valences are something that you’ll have to mug up cause there’s no other way. But when it comes to reactions or formation of compounds, it is far better if a student understands what’s happening before they mug up. Knowing how things work will help you to get through even if you forget something during the exams. Moreover, you can rest assured that there’ll be questions in any paper which will test your actual knowledge and in those cases, memorized knowledge won’t help you. That is why understanding and analysis is essential to have a good grip on chemistry.

  • Creating placards and using periodic tables:

You’ll forever need to deal with symbols and valences in chemistry, so you cannot afford to forget them. A good way to etch them in your mind would be to use visual or graphic methods. Our brain remembers visual memories better than any other. So that’s the tact you’ll need to apply on yourself here. Try to remember the periodic table or simply create placards with symbols and valences of elements. Go through them once in a while and you wouldn’t have to work too hard to remember them.

  • Attend lab sessions:

Like I already mentioned, nothing can be better than visual memories or firsthand experience. So far you’ve only been learning about the chemical reactions, but if you see them with your own eyes or perform them yourself, you’ll be at a better position to remember. So always try to take part in lab sessions. If there is an option, you can also try to attend lab classes on your own (with professional guidance, of course). This will give you a better grip over the subject and also increase your confidence.

  • Write down what you learn:

As children, I’m sure all of us were taught to write down the new things we learn. But as we grow up we let go of that habit. However, the habit of writing down the equations, names or any new theory/ law you learn in chemistry can prove to be very advantageous. When you mug up something and immediately write it down without seeing, there are better chances of you remembering the thing. So try this trick next time you’re studying chemistry and you’ll see the result.

  • Give yourself time:

With a subject like chemistry, there’s a lot to take in. So if you decide to sit down just before the exams and learn everything, sorry to break the news but, you cannot. There’s so much to memorize that if you attempt to do it all at once, you’ll only end up confusing one with the other. Therefore, do yourself one favor and give yourself the time you need. As you go over with the chapters with adequate time in your hand, you’ll see you’re getting along with it without much hassle. Take breaks once in a while to refresh your mind while studying. Study throughout the year and chemistry will no longer be a problem for you!
Start following these 5 tips today onwards, and in no time you’ll see a change coming over your grades, a positive one of course!