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Top 7 Questions That You Must Ask In Quiz On Chemistry!

by Sep 6, 2016Chemistry

What is Chemistry?

Chemistry is a science in which there is just one procedure to determine if any statement about matter really concerns chemistry. Even through this method is quiet inefficient and exhaustive it is fairly successful and is definitely a scientific method. Oftentimes, chemists create compounds with sheer creativity or luck, however, this work is not considered as chemistry till the method of creation is verified and the exact product reproduced.
It is also a study, a compilation of numerous methods through which observations are made and problems are solved. It is the role of analytical chemists to practice existing protocols to determine concentration of each substance in any sample. Spectroscopy and chromatography are the two well defined techniques often used by chemists in order to study any known or ne substances.
Chemistry can be considered as only the study of properties and composition of matter. Through Chemistry you will be able to answer questions like, “What chemicals make up this sample? What is the molecular structure of this sample? Can properties of the material be determined by its molecular structure? What are the changes observed when the temperature, pressure or other environmental variables change?
Chemistry is also concerned with the reactivity of substances. With the advancement in the study of chemicals it is now possible to create the same product with different substances. A complex product can only be created by reaction between simpler products. Compounds can be broken down to simple products by undergoing a chemical reaction. Food cooks, color of leaves changes, cells grow, fuel burns, and medicines cure due to chemical reactions. Chemistry is the subject based on which all these changes occur, and the study of all these subjects is performed under this subject.
Chemistry is divided into study f organic and inorganic substances. One of the main components of organic compounds is a combination of hydrogen and carbon. On the other hand inorganic substances do not contain this combination of compounds. Previously, it was a popular belief that organic compounds can only be created by living organisms. However, today chemists have succeeded in creating these compounds from inorganic compounds. Carbon is the only element that link itself with a wide array of elements in a very complex manner. Carbon compounds are very useful even if it is artificial.
This subject is concerned with linking the everyday world and the molecular world by forming several connections. Atoms and molecules are more commonly used by chemists to explain properties and study behavior and make observations.
In order to obtain good grades it is necessary to study hard, and comprehend all topics. You are not required to study all topics as all topics are not equally important. You can divide the topics on basis of their importance or the grades allotted to each topic. If you find chemistry to be a boring subject, you definitely need to read, Chemistry is not boring – find out why! You can also scour the internet for chemistry assignment help which assist students in understanding all concepts of Chemistry easily. Listed below are some important topics and the concepts you should know to be able to answer or ask questions on in all Chemistry quizzes, along with particulars of answers:

  1. Acids, bases and pH

Explain the course of food processing in the human body with respect to chemistry.

The answer for this question should include discussions based on processing of food in the body. This process includes digestion, absorption, elimination, and ingestion. Enzymes also need to be discussed as they are biological catalysts present in saliva. Using carbonic anhydrase you should explain catalyzed chemical reactions in the body. Hydrochloric acid and the role it plays in stomach and digestion process. Ensure to specify its correct purpose, i.e. creating an acidic environment which allows digestive enzymes also known as digestive juices to work. Hydrochloric acid does not assist in breakdown of food. Heartburn is also caused by the chemicals involved with digestion. You also need to suggest remedies for it, such as using antacids for neutralization of stomach acids. You also need to explain the roles of all organs including gall bladder, pancreas, small intestine, colon and large intestine. Chemical reactions take place throughout the digestive tract.

  1. Atomic structure

How atomic structure is used to realize if antiques are authentic or artificial?

Radio carbon dating is one of the most important techniques of determining if an antique is genuine. The background of the process along with procedure has to be explained. Other descriptions which need to be provided are hardness and density testing, mass spectrometry, performing microscopic analysis on mineral compositions.

  1. Equilibrium

Is Earth’s atmosphere well balanced?
The answer should begin with the definition of equilibrium. Meaning of this term varies in meaning, according to chemistry, daily life and physics. Chemical equilibrium needs to be described and how it is dynamic and keeps changing according to the composition of the compounds included in the reaction. Now, you need to apply the theory of equilibrium to the atmosphere, its composition and conditions. You also need to focus on concentration of ozone at higher and lower levels of elevation.

  1. Thermo chemistry

What quantities of energy are released by which nutrient?
The answer can be started with a discussion on the labels on food products, and the nutrients available in them can be measured using, proteins, calories, carbohydrate and fat. You also need to provide a table for calorie requirement according to energy spent also considering one’s age and gender.

  1. Chemical bonding

How chemical bonding is affecting the earth currently?
Discuss how the current phase of development is further ruining the chances of recovering from damage caused by depletion of ozone layer and accumulation of greenhouse gases. Explain chlorofluorocarbons in detail along with its discovery, uses, production, and hazards that have been recognized eventually. Also discuss how CFCs have led to ozone depletion in the environment.

  1. Periodic table

History and evolution of periodic table
The answer should start with a brief history of Mendeleev and how he successfully accomplished organizing a structure for all elements known to man then, and also for providing space for elements not known then. Move on to the modern periodic table and explain its structure.

  1. Solution and mixtures

What does chemistry have to do with natural springs or geysers?
Natural springs form due to the presence of volcanoes or volcanic activity along with chemicals like calcium carbonate and silicon dioxide.