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5 Most Creative Homework Assignments: Homework That Works

by Apr 9, 2017Assignments

Students often feel homework is boring. The same rewriting of the topic, they have learned in the classroom. They want to an escape plan for avoiding homework. Either students contact homework help and give them their homework and submit that one to the teacher or professor or they simply copy the homework from their fellow classmates. At last, they are the one who fails to get good marks in the exam. They do so because they do not know about the importance of homework.

It is the duty of both parent and teacher to inform child the importance of homework. In the introduction of their first class, it should be teacher’s duty to inform the child, why they are giving them the homework? Why is it not wastage of time? It is not a tool to keep them busy and not allowing them to do their interest work and wasting their play time. It is a tool which helps them in preparing notes for their final exam. Homework will help them to adapt the habit of being prepared before any problem arises in the life. It allows the child to learn time management and problem-solving skill. It helps thechild to balance their life properly.

The reason of child for feeling homework as a burden: –

  1. Parent’s influence –

Parent are the first person who interacts with the child when he/she is performing the homework. They are busy. Both parents are mostly working. They do not have time to teach achild how to perform homework. They feel it as aburden, so child inherits it from them. They opt for atutor. It is possible that tutor is not paying attention to the child properly. Parents are not keeping aproper check on child’s homework.

They come to know about the child’s level of knowledge when they see child’s final grade marks and scold the child without understanding their own problems. This further demotivates child from completing homework. The parent thinks they have provided the best tutor and had done their work but actually, they are teaching the child to search for an escape plan.

  1. Concept understanding problem –

Child is willing to perform the homework but he/she is unable to understand the concept. Neither parent no teacher is willing to make him/her understand the concept.

  1. Human mind –

Child is good at completing homework but he/she feels that teacher should make homework more creative. It’s human mind which is always craving for something new.

5 Most Creative Homework Assignments – Homework That Works to meet the craving of the child: –

Teachers are giving homework on the basis of the subject and topic they are completing in their classroom. They are busy in completing their syllabus. What they need is to think out of the box? The school is the place where thechildcomes to learn and not to mug the syllabus. 5 Most Creative Homework Assignments: Homework That Works is the solution which teacher can give to the child to make homework interactive and best for the child.

  1. New Word learning –

Child often feels reading dictionary very boring because it lacks picture. The teacher can give astudent for writing down 5 new words of their choice to read and write daily. They can make it interactive by telling the child to draw something which will relate the word with the picture child is going to draw. This will be interactive and child will remember the word.

It will be child’s own dictionary. It will help achild in their future and they will learn the words in an interactive manner. It is one of the 5 Most Creative Homework Assignments: Homework That Works on the child very effectively.

  1. Learning stories –

Teacher can give aweekly assignment to thechild to narrate one story in front of whole class. The story can be fictional or non-fictional based on the choice of the child. This will motivate achild to read novels. It will help achild in their competitive exam and improveEnglish reading and writing skills of the child. The child will be confident to stand in front of anyone and speak of their own. He/she can easily debate in front of people and tell them their perspective and point of view.  This session will raise them as a better person and good spokesman.

  1. Reading newspaper –

It is a very good habit. Reading newspaper allows you to keep updated. You will be aware of the current scenarios of the state and act accordingly like if you are reading newspapers, you will know in which company’s stock you should invest based on their quarterly revues or meeting updates.

But this realization comes to the child after a long time gap. The teacher can make it as a homework by asking thechild to read newspaper and question will be asked based on current news. They can do quiz competition weekly among the child and based on maximum answers delivered group or individual will be awarded a prize. This recognition in front of theclass will motivate achild to read thenewspaper. It is one of the 5 Most Creative Homework Assignments: Homework That Works on the child very effectively.

  1. Reading atlas –

It is very important for the child to read about the countries and their capitals, about the ocean, sea etc. but reading atlas is boring and hard to remember. The teacher can ask thechild to do homework of remembering 5 new countries with their capital and in geography class, theteacher can play thegame with the class at the end of the session. The game will be naming the capital of the country or naming the country whose word start with some alphabet given by the teacher. It is interactive in nature and thewhole class will be attentive. This homework will be interactive and informative for the child.

  1. Proactive research –

It is a good habit. The teacher can tell thechild to research about the homework assignment given and tell the whole class what extra he/she had found on the internet.

These 5 Most Creative Homework Assignments: Homework That Works will help thechild a lot. Employ these and make your child shine.