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5 Common Solutions to Help You in Situations When You Forget Your Homework

by Sep 27, 2016Homework Help

We’ve all been down the rabbit hole of procrastination. If we were to be honest about not submitting assignments on time, chances are, we left until the last minute and we forgot that there was homework to be done.
There are moments when each person has forgotten about their homework. If you consistently fail to submit assignments on time, your excuses should be perfected. Teachers have been in their profession for years; in order to convince them to give you extra time or excuse you for a mistake, conveying your honesty should be a prime concern.
Forgetting your homework: Solutions!

  • Honesty

Everyone appreciates honesty, even teachers. Simply telling them that you are unable to submit homework because you forget can sometimes work. However, the trick is not to be brazen or proud of being forgetful. It is important to be genuinely apologetic for your mistake. Ensure that the assignment is submitted the next day or during the next class with the same teacher.
Panicking and lying can, more often than not, get you into more trouble than would be anticipated. Your teacher is more likely to forgive you because of your honesty.

  • Complete it in Class

This tried and tested solution works best if you’ve forgotten about a mathematics or chemistry assignment. Ask a friend to help you quickly note down the answers in between classes or during a break. Even if it is half finished, it is better than no homework at all.
Remember this is only possible if it is a short assignment. Attempting this with extensive work will be impossible. Also, ensure that you do not get caught in the act by any other source of authority. Finish the assignment as discretely as possible.

  • Lack of Understanding

If you are unable to think of a reasonable excuse on the spot, blame your lack of an assignment to submit on the fact that you have not been able to understand the topic. Your teacher will be more inclined to explain the topic in detail and help you understand it while giving away a few days to complete it as well. If you have attemptedto complete the project, show her the half-finished assignment and ask for assistance in places of difficulty. Once you have understood the details, promise to submit the assignment in by the next class. This will reassure the teacher about your honesty.

  • Technological Failure

Professors understand that most homework needs to be done with the help of a computer or laptop, working internet and printing device. If one or more of these pieces of equipment are not functioning, it isn’t your fault. State your problems and ask for an extension on the deadline.
However, be reasonable about the amount of time you ask for. Technology fails us daily without warning; this is definitely the most believable excuse available.

  • Be Apologetic

The key to selling any excuse is to sound genuine and be sorry. If you want a teacher to be sympathetic towards your circumstance, it is crucial that you apologise profusely for your inability to stick to the rules. This also shows your respect towards a professor.
Being respectful and apologetic towards authority when you have failed to comply with their guidelines is necessary. This will reinstate their faith in you and might even be willing to provide extra time to allow you to complete the work.

  • Reasonable Excuses

If you’re going to make up an excuse, ensure that it is reasonable or believable. Do not feign a lack of knowledge when every other classmate knows that an assignment needs to be submitted. Saying a family member or you were ill or that an emergency cropped up, tension at home and other similar reasons are excuses that teachers are willing to believe. If you’re having trouble with a subject like mathematics, there are 7 Secret Hacks to Make Mathematics Easy.
How to Complete Assignments on Time

  • Set a Reminder

If you have trouble remembering to do your homework, set a reminder on your phone daily. Maintaining a daily study schedule will help you stay on track with all your work. It will also provide a standard amount of time to complete assignments. Create a schedule and set an alarm so that homework is never forgotten again!

  • Do Not Procrastinate

Procrastination is the bane of existence. While keeping work for later is not a problem, keeping it for the last minute can make things complicated. First, finish assignments that are seemingly more difficult or that you have trouble with. Once you get the complicated bits out of the way, there will be enough time to finish easier work. Assignments with closer deadlines should also be completed first, since they will be required more immediately than others.

  • Get a Tutor

If you’re having trouble with a particular subject, feel free to ask your teacher for some extra assistance. Even a good friend who has comprehended the topics well will be able to help. The most efficient option would be to hire a tutor that can be of assistance on a more regular basis. This will help you understand the subject in a more in depth manner, and give you regular practice. Your tutor can also help you finish assignments that you’re having trouble with.
Even you can take help from online professional tutors also. They also help you to know the subject from the core.
Though these solutions are available, it is advisable not to put yourself in situations that require them. Getting good grades, maintaining an impeccable reputation and ensuring success requires all assignments to be completed well and on time.