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7 Secret Hacks to Make Mathematics Easy

by Sep 27, 2016Mathematics

Mathematics isn’t everyone’s forte. Those who enjoy it and are able to finish their assignments have learned a couple of tricks along the way. There is always an easy to way to handle certain subjects; you just need to be patient enough to figure them out.
However, it’s understandable if there is a lot on your plate right now and you’re on a hunt for some quick and easy ways to make studying mathematics simple.
Why Do Students Struggle with Mathematics?
The difficulty to cope with or comprehend a particular subject is not only because of a lack of interest or understanding. There are many factors that may contribute to a student’s disinterest in math.
Here are a few issues that teachers and parents should know about:

  • Problems between a student and other peer members can effect children psychologically, hampering their ability to study and focus in class.
  • Many children are unable to understand the way certain theories are explained.
  • Often times, the teacher is also unable to explain certain topics in a way that is easily understood by each student.
  • There is difficulty in recognizing math concepts and being able to remember them.
  • Teachers do not offer new and interesting methods of teaching the assigned curriculum.
  • A lot of students are likely to create excuses for their inability to master mathematics, like blaming it on their lack of luck.
  • Brain disorders like ADHD and failing memories are a huge factor that affects the amount a child is able to retain and understand.
  • Lack of enforced discipline pushes children towards taking their education lightly.
  • Parents are uninvolved in their children’s homework or assignments.
  • Students do not have access to resources or tutors that could help them cope with the rest of the class.
  • Many students forget that they have any homework at all. This can be detrimental to their performance in class. Here are 5 Common Solutions to Help You in Situations When You Forget Your Homework.

Hacks to Make Mathematics Easy
Each individual has his own way of completing assignments and working on problem areas. If you have not found a way to make maths easy yet, here are a few tips from the pros about easy ways to get around complicated mathematics:

  • Pay Attention

It is not a lie when teachers tell you that half your work is complete by paying attention in class. Attend classes regularly so that you do not miss out on any critical information. If you’re paying attention, any techniques, theorems or calculations that cannot be understood, can be immediately clarified by asking the teacher in class. Nothing down all the details of homework and projects can make completing them a lot simpler, since you will understand the general guidelines that need to be followed.

  • Practice Regularly

The key to mastering mathematics is to practice sums and problems regularly. Regardless of whether homework has been assigned, it is important to practice a few sums from the current chapter that is being taught in class. This will ensure that you do not forget basic methodology.
Practicing will also help to overcome difficult problems that may be a continuous issue. Set aside an hour or so every day just to practice and learn different theories that are difficult. You will gain a better understanding of the subject, a clearer outlook, and probably develop an interest in it as well.

  • Ask Questions

Remember, feeling shy in class or allowing social anxiety to keep you from asking important questions could drastically hinder your progress. Whenever in doubt, ask the teacher for clarification. It is absolutely okay to ask the same question multiple times till you understand it. If you are facing significant trouble with a particular topic, note down your question and ask the teacher about it at the end of the class.
Do this even when there are certain issues that cannot be solved while doing assignments. If there is a friend or family member capable of helping, ask for assistance instead of wasting too much time on it. There is also available different online help websites, from where you can get assist for solving your trouble.

  • Experiment with Techniques

There is more than one way to solve an equation. If your teacher or curriculum allows various forms of analysis and solving, then feel free to experiment and try new ways of figuring out an answer. This will help you understand the basic requirements, like formula, theory and other elements required in order to attain the desired result.

  • Revise Answers

The most basic mistake that most students make is not going over the work they have done. If you are unable to get the right answer after following all the steps, perhaps you have copied a wrong digit, alphabet or sign. Ensure that you go over every step before trying to figure out where the problem lies. Do not skip any step while trying to find a solution, regardless of how well you know the technique. Careless mistakes can cost a lot of marks in the long run. Mathematics is simple if you are patient and persevering.

  • Work in Groups

The easiest way to study with saving maximum amount of time is by studying in groups. This is only possible if every member is focused on the task at hand and does not deliberately distract the next person. Using a cumulative effort to solve equations helps to learn from one another. Any problem that crops up can be solved a lot quicker if everyone works together. Set a time limit, if the work has multiple sections, each person can work on something and get it done on time.
If you want to get better grades in a subject, you must be committed to working hard. Focus and determination are key factors in achieving anything you want. Continuous practice and effort will help you excel in maths!