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10 Steps to Remember Everything You Study

by May 24, 2017Biology

Recent survey conducted on students studying in schools or colleges have shown that the most common problem prevailing among students is their inability to recall what they studied. It is a problem suffered by almost everyone during their academic years. No matter how much you study, it is not possible to recall everything during the exams.

There is no lack of dedication on the student’s behalf; if he/she is not blessed with good memorizing powers then he/she is bound to suffer during the exams. So is there no way you can remember everything you study? Of course there is. If not everything, the below discussed techniques will definitely enhance your memorizing capacity during exams.

Why memorizing everything is difficult

Our brain has an almost infinite storage capacity, yet we forget things often. Why so? This is because not everything is deemed important by our brain cells and most things register in the secondary memory which is hard to recall at a sudden instant. Especially when you are doing something you are not particularly fond of.

During exams, the brain has to process a lot of information at a short period of time. With so much information being crammed into our brains overnight, it is very important that you adopt certain techniques that will help you remember that information during exams.

Surveys have shown that memory and actions are greatly interlinked. So certain methods of studying have shown to provide better chances of recalling during exams. All you need to do is adjust your study habits according to the following methods and you will find that it has greatly benefitted your memorizing ability during your exams.

Steps to remember what you studied better

  • Clear your mind before studying

It is very important if you wish to remember what you are studying for a longer time. Take a walk or play games etc., and after you feel refreshed then sit down to study. It improves concentration power.

  • Write down what you read

If you do not write the whole things then at least take short notes of the important parts. Writing has shown to help the information to sink in better and also the writing action helps spark a memory connection during exam time.

  • Question yourself

When you are studying a part, think of what questions can be questioned from that section. Question yourself and find suitable solutions to them. It will help recall the answer quicker in future.

  • Make memory cards

This proves very handy in memorizing tough equations or tough to pronounce scientific terms in biology. Make memory cards and stick them to everyday use items. You will find you will be able to recall the difficult terms without sweat. To know more tricks of scoring good marks in biology read “8 study techniques to score highest grades in Biology”

  • Take breaks

Taking study breaks helps break the monotonous feeling and enhances your interest to continue studying. Hence you will have better chances of remembering.

  • Listen to soothing music

Whenever you feel over stressed with studies, take a break and listen to some soothing music of your choice. Music helps to reduce stress and will provide a better environment for you to study in and also enhance your memorizing capability.

  • Stay focused on the topic

When you are studying, make sure you give unwavering attention to it. Staying focused helps in registering information in your brain and you will find it easier to remember whenever required.

  • Make sure you have adequate sleep

Researchers have shown that overnight studying without sleep never benefits a student before exams. A relaxed brain will have better chances of remembering details than an agitated one. Hence make sure that you have adequate sleep before your exams.

  • Eat healthy

Diet is another important thing which you need to maintain in order to develop better memorizing skills. Eat healthy and avoid junk foods. It will develop your memory power and will benefit you in the long run.

  • Revise

This is a must before every exam. A few hours before your exam begins do not waste time trying to study new things. It will only serve to make you forget what you already know. Instead revise what you have studied and give yourself a better chance of answering questions correctly.

Deal with homework and assignments before exams

The burden of homework and assignments adds to the stress and anxiety of upcoming exams. Most students find it difficult to cope with it which ultimately hampers their academic performance.

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