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8 Study Techniques to Score Highest Grades in Biology

By Sarah J Mitchell
24 May, 2017
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Often studying hard for long hours isn’t’ enough to fetch you top grades in a particular subject. Every subject requires a different studying technique in order to fetch the best grades. Biology especially is a very difficult subject to master and many students are found to struggle with it. If you are also struggling to master biology but you wish to pursue a career that involves biology as a main subject, then it is important for you to develop a technique that will help you fetch good grades in this subject.

Why mastering biology is difficult?

Biology is the study of living organisms which involves human beings as well as single celled bacteria. It involves very difficult terminology and experiments. Biology labs are quite difficult too. Overall the complexity of the body structure of living organisms makes it a very difficult subject to cope with.

But it is indeed a very important subject and is a must for those students to master who wishes to pursue a career in medical science. It requires good memorizing skills to fetch good grades in this subject. If you feel you are not good in memorizing what you study then read “10 steps to remember everything you study”to learn simple tricks how you can improve your memorizing skills.

How to master biology

Those who love biology as a subject will not find it difficult to master this subject. But if you are not very fond of it but still wish to fetch good grades in it then the best way of doing so is to adopt an effective technique of studying biology. Below discussed are some simple yet effective methods that you can adopt to study biology and fetch highest grades in it.

  • Make a schedule:

Making a schedule helps to deal with the huge syllabus of biology. Assign time slots for the different chapters so that you can finish them off before your exam and still have ample time to revise them. Make sure to allot time slot to study biology regularly.

  • Make memory cards:

Biology contains very difficult terminology which takes a lot of time to register in the grey cells. The best way of memorizing them all effectively is to make memory cards containing the terms. Stick these memory cards on the walls of your room, refrigerator, mirror, etc., so that you look at them daily and slowly you will find you will be able to memorize them with ease.

  • Practice diagrams:

Biology is littered with difficult diagrams and they contain crucial marks. Hence in order to be on top of this subject, it is important to excel in these diagrams. The best way to do so is to practice them on a regular basis. Practice makes a man perfect and with practice you will be able to master the difficult diagrams.

  • Pay attention in labs:

Take your lab sessions in your institute very seriously. Pay attention to methods of conducting experiments and how to fetch results. If you find interest in lab sessions you will find that the theory is much more interesting and easier to understand. Take notes during lab sessions that will aid you during your practical exams.

  • Take notes in class:

Different biology teachers have different methods of teaching. You will find at least one teacher in your life whose teachings will help you understand this difficult subject better. Make sure to take notes and pay careful attention in class if you wish to fetch top grades in it.

  • Avoid last minute cramming:

Biologyis not a subject that you can hope to fetch good grades in by cramming overnight. In fact, last minute cramming will only make you forget the important terminologies. So avoid studying overnight before biology exam and focus on revising what you already studied.

  • Group study:

Group study can prove to be very beneficial while studying biology. This is because while doing group study you can discuss what you know and learn what you don’t which comes very handy for your before exam preparations.

  • Solve questions:

Get hold of a question bank of biology or past year question papers of your institute and solve them diligently. In that way you will get a clear idea what section to stress upon more. Also it will help you understand and memorize better.

Biology homework

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