10 Smart Ways to Complete Your Engineering Assignments

Are you an engineer? Are you trying to get through life without being a zombie? The life of an engineer is pretty difficult post-graduation and even while they are in college.  It comprises of multiple projects, assignment and quizzes which make their life stressful.

Not to mention they have the added pressure of networking and having a stable social life. So, what can they possible do to get away from such situation? How can they rescue themselves form such difficult circumstances and actually enjoy college life for a change?

Well, there are two ways to do so. First, they can study beforehand and complete almost 40% of the syllabus before the semester. While it must seem to be atrocious to some, however, it has been said to work.

Because they are acquainted with it and are ahead of the rest of the class, they don’t have to worry too much about catching up and can concentrate on those multiple projects and assignments. The second way is to find someone else who would do those projects and assignments on their behalf, while they concentrate on studying and other activities.

Both are feasible methods to work on their multiple assignments and get through college life without much trouble. However, the former does require a lot of effort and a bit of sincerity on the part of the students which most don’t want to own up to.

10 smart ways to complete assignments on engineering

So, if you are one of those students who love to complete their assignment on the own, then engineering will prove to be rather stressful for you. You have to stay up almost all the time, attend lectures and create notes of your own. You might as well say goodbye to your social life. However, there are certain smart ways to go about an assignment. This ensures that you save some amount of time while learning the subject at the same time.

Listed below are some such ways to do your assignment.

“Scientists dream about doing great things. Engineers do them.”

  1. Read diligently

In order to complete your assignment on engineering, you have to read a lot to grasp the basic concept of the matter. Various disciplines of engineering stimulate various methods of studying. Like for example, a student pursuing chemical engineering will study differently when compared to a computer science student.

Nevertheless, it is important that you read the text, refer to other books, refer to your lecture notes and look online for other material to understand the topic fully.

  1. Don’t cram, learn

What many students of engineering fail to understand is that you can’t pass the course by simply mugging up facts. Engineering is very different from other subjects and over here you have to apply the concepts that you have learned.

So, instead of simply mugging up understand and read that same thing every day to prolong your memory. Also, practice is essential. It helps complete your assignments faster as you already remember the essential formulas from a previous lesson.

  1. Multitasking- a big no

Many students often do multiple other things while working on their assignments. This is a big NO. You simply cannot divide your attention between five different things and expect to excel at it all. So, that basically means no texting while you are working or no going on social media while you are studying.

Keep your phone away when you sit down with your assignment. If you are using a laptop, then turn off the internet or close any browser that isn’t relevant to the task at hand.

  1. Use tricks to memorize

Using flashcards, mnemonics and other things allows the brain to process information faster. Moreover, you remember things better with such tricks as well since it differs quite a lot from cramming information. Like for example, you can use acronyms to remember the electromagnetic spectrum in the increasing order of its frequency and so on.

  1. Write it down

Do not use your laptop to write your assignments or even learn for that matter. The brain remembers writing information better than typing. Wondering why is that so? Well, when you write down information you have to process the facts and often enough reframe the whole structure of the sentence and hence remember it well. Whereas, when you are working on the laptop, you are more mechanical and have a tendency to write down word for word.

  1. Recall actively

Recalling actively means testing your own self, often. When the teacher asks the students a certain question, raise your hand and try to answer the question. This will allow you to recall whatever you have studied previously.

Moreover, this practice of recalling allows you to work faster on your assignments. If a fellow classmate encounters a problem in that specific area then try to explain it to him.

  1. Search for patterns

Look for patterns when studying engineering subjects and try to co relate. There will be many instances when the same formula is used in multiple areas. Try to assess such situations and interlink it with one another to remember better.

Moreover, by associating one topic with the other you can actually impress the teachers as they are acquainted with the fact that you possess the necessary academic acumen.

  1. Don’t force it

There will be times when you will be least interested in the subjected or your brain will fail to comprehend any information that you feed to it. When such things happen, leave it alone. Don’t force yourself to study. Indulge in some other activities like go play some indoor games or go out for a walk. When you come back and try again. You will see that you are able to concentrate better than you did before.

  1. Set a plan

A smart way to complete an assignment is to set aside a plan for it. Develop a schedule that includes all your daily activities and set aside an hour or two each day to work on these assignments. Choose an hour of day when you can work at your optimum best and can concentrate better on your assignment. Plan ahead to ensure that you do not miss out on any deadlines or submit any incomplete assignments.

  1. Take short breaks

It is essential that you take short breaks while working on your assignments. Working for far too long on the same thing makes your brain dull and makes the topic boring. Take a 30 minute break if you have been working on the assignments for an hour and rejuvenate your brain. You will be able to work harder after that.

Turn to websites online

These smart moves are applicable only for students who are ready to make an effort and study on their own. For students who are the least bit interested in improving, or have other major activities to concentrate on, they can turn to the websites online to complete their assignment. These websites even complete the assignments on the behalf of the students and reduce their stress.

Some even tutor students so that they can understand the various disciplines of engineering better and proceed further with their studies. So, if you are one of those students who fail to comprehend the basic terms, then you can turn to such websites for help.

“Science is about knowing, engineering is about doing.”

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