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10 Reasons to Not Shun Your Biology Classes

by Sep 17, 2016Biology

Bunking classes is a major issue among grown up kids as in the case of high school or even for adults as in the case of institutions such as colleges and universities. They do realize that they are at loss by making this habit. But by the time they come down to this realization, they lose way more than they can make up for it.
Meanwhile, career of a student degrades considerably resulting in frustration on the students’ side. His or her parent gives up on their child and ultimately a budding student loses hope. There are even adverse situations where students, out of frustration, quit this world being unable to decide between right and wrong.
Attending classes is beneficial for you

All these result from a single immature habit which is shunning classes. And this generally happens among medical students or biology students which are all the same. Once you are regular in your classes, you tend to lessen your burden before the exam and you can curtail the frustration part that follows a burden. If you have this habit of shunning classes and most importantly if you are a biology student like me, immediately drop this habit.
I am a sufferer and I am fortunate enough that I gave up this habit quickly or else I would not have been where I am now. I would not have been sharing this with you now.
Serious problems to be solved

If you are doing a part time job or something for which you miss out classes, it is hard to manage I can understand. But you can always talk to both the sides and come down to a satisfied solution which will not harm your career on long run.
But if you are shunning classes just for hanging out with friends or for staying back at home to see your favorite show on television, you are going to suffer a lot and repent for this if you are not giving up this habit as soon as possible.
10 reasons for attending biology classes

If you are still now serious about how shunning classes affect your career, here are 10 reasons to not shun your biology classes:

  1. If you bunk your classes, the most important thing that you miss out is the valuable lectures of the professors in your high school or colleges. Biology is a subject which has huge syllabus since it comprises of each and every detail of plants and animals.

Human being itself comprises a huge syllabus in biology books. There are endless scientific terms of processes, phenomenon, species name, etc. These names are tough to memorize and only practice can make you better. When a professor teaches a topic in class, he or she makes a preparation at home the previous night about what will he or she will be teaching the next day.
In that preparation, your professor marks only the most important portions. This is because a class hour has limited time and teacher needs to complete the syllabus. Hence only important parts that cannot be left out are discussed in class. If you bunk the classes, you will not understand which the most important parts are and you will fidget the night before the exam seeing a huge syllabus.

  1. Classroom teaching works as an audio visual course which our brain can accept really well. The lectures work as audio information while the diagrams on blackboard and the notes in your text book along with the lectures work as an audio visual teaching.
  1. Best part of classroom teaching is that you have to put least effort. All you have to do is listen to each and every part of the teaching and understand what is being taught. On the other hand, when you are reading by yourself, you have to give the effort in reading, understanding and writing too. There will be no one to help you out if you face any difficulty.
  2. Teachers are always there are help you clear out your doubts. If you are regular in class, you can take advantage of that. An ideal teacher would never mind to explain you as many times you ask him or her. It is their job to make you understand every lesson; they create students.
  1. There are many things which are taught extra in class. These are the researched information of your teacher. There might be some topics in your book which are not properly discussed. The teacher takes that initiative to research those topics and present in front of you a detailed explained version of those topics. Biology involves these things more often.
  1. A classroom environment is rich is brain because there are many students learning at a time. So there are many doubts of many students, many suggestions and information come up from different sides. Many of these doubts and information are valuable to all the students and just not a single student.
  1. When you discuss about a topic in your class with friends that is also a form of lesson preparation. When you discuss, your brain recalls all the things being taught by your teacher. Hence it works as a revision.
  1. In fact, if you are regular in classes, your half preparation is done. When you will go back home or hostel and go through the same things taught in class, it will be another form of revision too. Many things which you might have understood in bits and pieces will get cleared on second reading. You can also have few doubts which you can note down and ask your teacher the next day.
  1. If you shun the biology classes, of course one of the important things that you miss out is your attendance which has an impact in the final mark sheet. These days all institutions have a system of attendance consideration during assessment of final result of one academic year.
  1. Last but not the least, if you shun your biology classes, you will miss your homework or maybe you will face difficulty while solving those because you have not attended class. If you cannot solve them at all, there are many professional websites which help you solve your homework.

There are ways discussed about many subjects such as statistics that how to “Get ready to assure best marks with Statistics homework plans with these simple steps”. Still attending classes is of utmost importance.