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Most Effective Tips to Manage Your Teacher When You Haven’t Done Your Chemistry Assignment

by Sep 17, 2016Assignment Help

Homework assignments can be tedious, repetitive and boring. It is usually the least favourite part of a student’s life. Especially with a technical subject like Chemistry, regular homework is both difficult and time consuming. Assignments are essential to your progress at school.
Daily Chemistry homework will help you practice new concepts learn in class and show you how to apply formulae to solve complex problems. Regular practice in Chemistry will helps develop speed, accuracy and confidence. However sometimes the work pressure gets too much and you need a break.
There are times you feel too exhausted to work on your chemistry assignment or get caught up in other work and forget to complete your homework. Students can get into serious trouble with teachers if they are unable to hand in their assignments on time. In such situations it is a good idea to know some simple tips to manage your teacher in a way that minimizes negative repercussions. You can also consult with different professional online help websites to decrease your pressure.
Always endeavour to complete your work and submit it well in time, but just in case you can’t; you can take help from ”6 Easy Steps to Motivate yourself to complete your Homework Regularly.”
Here are some effective tips to manage your teacher when you haven’t done your Chemistry Assignment:

  1. Maintain a good reputation:
  • This is the first step to getting away with anything at school. No matter what you do, it is always easier to be excused for it if you have maintained a good reputation at school.
  • Be regular and attentive in class so that you have a healthy working relationship with your teacher.
  • Participate in class. Show an interest in the subject so that when you are unable to complete your work, your teacher will automatically assume that you had an authentic reason for not doing it and willingly grant an extension.
  • If you are irregular and disruptive in class, your reputation will precede you. A bad reputation as a mischief maker will ensure that you are punished for not doing your homework.
  • Don’t repeatedly fail to submit work on time. No matter what excuses you make, eventually, if you make this a habit, your teacher will get sick of the excuses and you will get into very serious trouble.
  1. Understand your teacher:
  • Remember that no two teachers are the same, before you try to come up with an excuse to get away with not completing your chemistry assignment; you need to understand your teacher.
  • If your teacher is normally strict and adamant about collecting assignments on time, you would be well advised to complete your homework on time.
  • Keep an eye on your teacher’s personal temperament. Notice their responses to other students who have submitted their work late or have missed a submission. This will help you decide if it is worth the risk.
  • You are more likely to be excused for not submitting your Chemistry assignment if you have maintained a good rapport with your teacher. For instance if you’re dealing with a tense domestic situation, keep your teacher informed so that she understand why you have been unable to complete your work at home.
  1. Be observant:
  • Never underestimate the power of observation. If your teacher is not tech savvy and you are expected to email an assignment, you may say you sent it and it got delivered late or complain about a technical glitch. Not only will she most probably believe your excuse, she may also sympathise with you and give you a generous extension.
  • Notice your teacher’s idiosyncrasies. If he is somebody who often complains about health ailments, he may be sympathetic if you say that you were feeling too ill to complete your chemistry assignment.
  • Notice little details like his mood or his tendency to be lenient with students inside or outside class.
  • Some teachers will be more likely to excuse students who speak to them in private and beg for an extension at the start of the day instead of standing up and excusing yourself during class when he asks for the chemistry homework submissions.
  1. Take a calculated risk:
  • Even the best laid plans go awry. So remember that when you don’t do your homework you may have to deal with unpleasant repercussions.
  • If your chemistry homework is a graded assignment that contributes to your final score, your teacher is unlikely to be lenient about it. Don’t play truant with important assignments.
  • Some teachers assign homework for practice, but don’t collect them for submission on the same day. You may risk not doing your homework if you are certain that it will not be corrected. Just look like you have completed it and have a random stack of notes on your desk that you can afford to pass off as homework if the teacher just glances at all the desks to ensure that the students have completed their homework.
  • Find out if your classmates have completed their assignments. You do not want to be the only person in class who has not completed their assignment. Otherwise you may be able to find security in numbers as teachers may grant an extension easily if numerous students are unable to complete their homework.
  1. Be honest:
  • Sometimes honesty is the best way to get away with not doing your homework.
  • Your teachers are human beings who are likely to be sympathetic if you have a genuine reason for not being able to complete your homework.
  • Instead of being cocky or trying to use outlandish excuse, keep it simple and stick to the truth.
  • Try not to lie about details that are excessively worrisome and easily verifiable. You do not want your teacher to get concerned and call up your mother to check up on a family crisis or offer condolences for a fictitious death in the family.
  • Chances are, not only will your teacher understand and grant you an extension for your chemistry assignment; she will also appreciate your integrity for being honest and truthful with her.
  1. SOS options:
  • In a worst case scenario if you are sure to get into very serious trouble for not completing your chemistry assignment, enlist the help of your friends and family.
  • Try to get a note from home that requests the teacher to excuse you.
  • Convince your parents to let you cut class for a day and complete your chemistry assignment.
  • If you can’t take a sick day try to fake sickness and go to the nurse’s office.
  • Copy answers off the internet or beg someone to do your homework for you. You may have to bribe friends or sibling to do this or if you’re very lucky, you could beg a parent for help.
  • Split up the work between a few friends so that everybody works on it during lunch period to ensure that you have the assignment ready for class. You will need very loyal friends or have to offer up some serious favours.

Homework is an unavoidable part of student life and it is in your best interests to complete it in a consistent and timely manner. However if you ever get stuck and don’t manage to complete your work, try these effective tips to manage your teacher when you haven’t done your Chemistry Assignment.