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10 Great Leadership Lessons from the Life and Career of Tim Duncan!

by Feb 15, 2019Management

Management is an important subject in today’s world. There can be no denial to the same. if you are a student, there are high chances, you will love to know more about core areas of management. One of the major areas is leadership. Most of the students look for the best Management Homework help in the leadership area only!

Without proper leadership, the management cannot stand. It is the sole reason why you must understand all about proper management skills. Now, if you think that only a commercial field can teach you management then you are wrong.

You can learn leadership from various places and fields. Think that I am wrong? Let me tell you why it is more advantageous! But before that, understand what a proper leadership in the first place is!

What is leadership?

When you run a team or an organization and supervise it with efficiency, then you are a good leader! See how we emphasise on the word “efficiency”? Well, if it is efficient, then it is a leadership skill. If it is a rather strict method, then sorry, it is a corporate organization without any value for anyone. This is your first lesson for the best Management Homework help.

In leadership you get to experience the following roles:

  • Role of a teacher:

Yes, a leader is a teacher. A good leader teaches the team, or the organization various things and notions. They teach the people the value of working together. They preach and set the rules that people can follow. It is an important part of being a leader. And a good leader has this skill instilled in them.

  • Sets examples:

A leader follows the statement “lead by example”. They take up the challenge of letting a team know how to be together. They also let the team understand what methods will work out for them! But they simply don’t convey these verbally.

Rather, they stick to showing them how to do the work in the first place. Understanding this one skill can offer you efficient Management Homework help. After all, it is a major question in management.

  • Corrects:

There is a huge difference between correcting someone and criticising them. A boss punishes and criticizes while a leader believes in correcting. They point out the mistakes and shows how people can achieve the best results adapting new ways. These constructive feedbacks work for them altogether.

These are few major roles that the leaders take up. They follow these and get the best results for themselves and their teams.

Can we take leadership examples from different fields?

Yes, we can! Instead, we should! After all, the leadership is an important quality. If you want serious Management Homework help, then you must understand the relevance of this quality in every field. Only the commerce field doesn’t require this quality. “But then again, what will be the advantage? I am not studying for any other field?” You may rightly point out!

But a little adventure will not hurt you. Rather, it will open fun and unique methods to tackle and manage your team like a good leader. Following are some reasons why you must investigate different fields for inspiration:

  • Helps you learn new methods:

You simply do not want to be stuck with old and traditional ideas of leadership. Most of these do not value the real meaning of leadership. It is one essential reason why you must learn the new methods of the leadership. With a glance into different areas and fields, you will know that what a good leader in these fields look like? What traits do they follow?

  • Helps you identify the faults in the correct system:

If you work in an organization or plan to work in one, you must know that where are the major faults in the organization? How is it failing to define the true meaning of leadership? How will you know what the faults are if you have not excavated enough?

Well, you are going to be a manager. Getting a good Management assignment help should be your prior goal. With the help of different fields, you will know what proper leadership is in the first place.

These are two major benefits of the investigating different fields for leadership qualities. So, now we come to the main question! What field should we look in? I will stick to “Sports”.

“SPORTS!!!!!!” You may wonder, how is it even relevant to corporate? How can one get any idea about leadership from the field of sports? Will it by any means help in proper Management assignment help? Well, there is only one answer to these! “Yes, It will help!”

And why will sports help?

Following are the major reasons why sports can prove fruitful to learn about leadership skills:

  • It is a competitive field:

And can there be any doubts about it? Absolutely not! Sports is a competitive field. Two persons or two teams are playing against one another. Either ways, proper leadership skills are essential. If only individuals are playing against one another, then the leadership skill of the coach comes to play a major role in the winning!

While if there are two teams playing the game, then the leadership skills of the team captains come to play a major role in the winning. It is one reason why, this is a perfect field to know about leadership. It makes finding the Management assignment help easy for you too.

  • A field with real challenges:

This field is all about real and physical challenges. It also has too many mental challenges to it as well. It teaches people how to keep their calm and compose and still efficiently lead the team or an individual through trying times.

It is a major learning curve for anyone. Anyone can take inspiration from this, and lead with efficiency.

Management is all about proper leadership. And if you ned the best Management assignment help then you must lead yourself to the right sources that will help you.

10 important points to learn from Tim Duncan:

Tim Duncan has been a great basketball player. If you really want to know why we are choosing him from many good team leaders, then let us tell you that his innovative and quirky leaderships contribute to the reason.

Following are some major leadership qualities that people can learn from him:

  • Be a thinker:

Being a thinker is an important quality. Understand that any good thinker is a good leader. A person who overthinks, though is not! One must learn to think just the right quantity of things. They must know their past goals and the short-term goals near them. Once they think about these and are clear about the same, things will be easy for them.

It is an important quality in Tim Duncan and an important quality in every good leader. They think for their team. They think about their responsibilities. They also think about their positions. If you want to get the best Management assignment help then you must know how to lead to make things easier.

  • Great preparation:

Yes, a leader doesn’t depend on others to prepare. They prepare themselves. They want to make the best for themselves and their teams as well. It needs good and extensive preparation. It is one thing that Tim Duncan does. He prepares himself. He gets himself ready for the challenges that will come his way. This way he can encourage his team to prepare as well. This is an important quality that leads to the success of any team at all.

  • Progress:

A leader is not a person who doesn’t make mistakes. A leader is a person who makes a mistake and learns from the same. The leaders make progress in their way and pattern. They believe in constant and relevant improvement. They work towards making the team comfortable of the same idea. It is one reason why the leaders are leaders in the first place.

Tim Duncan believes in doing the same. He works towards constant progress. He may take it slow, yet his aim is to do better than the last time. If you want the best Management assignment help this point is one to ponder on!

  • Show results:

You cannot prove you are a great leader, if you do not show the results. It is one reason why you must focus on the results of your work and of your team’s as well. You must concentrate on the positive results of the team only.

It will help you in proving your efficiency to the rest. It will also help you focus on the sole goal. It is to win. And win every time. Tim Duncan, over the years have shown that he is a great leader. His team had the maximum wins. He himself believes in winning. And he really work towards the same.

  • Be humble:

The entire point about being a leader is how to be humble and keep this trait! Yes, until you are humble, you will not understand the efforts of the others. Neither will your team like you and put their hard work in the teamwork. It is one reason why you must be humble and maintain it.

It also shows that you are a real leader. This quality will help you lead without any problem. Your colleagues and sub-ordinates will love you. It shows that you hold the team responsible for the success. If you want proper Management assignment help then this point should never lose your sight.

  • Talk less:

Believe in doing more! Talk less and work harder. Only then you can lead the path to the people. Understand that if you want to achieve your goals, then you should do it in a discreet and concreate manner. Talking more about it, allows people to understand all about your plans. They can prepare better to fight it.

Tim Duncan is a person who is never seen talking much. He believes in doing his best and achieving the results instead. Even after a win, he is seen allowing others to speak. While he quickly leaps into planning his next game plan. It is an important trait that all the important leaders should take after.

  • Be selfless:

You cannot expect to make others work while you take the credit for it. Rather, at times, you need to highlight others and their good if you want to encourage them. Even if you have worked hard, yet! It will offer you a better team with excellent quality results.

These results will talk for your leadership skills and will be the trophy you wanted for yourself. Tim Duncan is probably the most selfless player you can come around with. He hates hogging up the limelight for the betterment of the team.

It is an important point to remember if you want the best Management homework help.

  • Do your job with passion:

If you do not have enough passion for your work, your team will not as well. Understand, that the passion is an important factor that channelizes people in doing the best work. Yes, the passion helps you keep going and so does the team follow.

Also, if you have passion for your work, you will be able to create new and better ways of completing them and achieving the best results. You will be creative most. Tim Duncan does just that! He innovates his game and allows others to join the fun. If you need the Management homework help on leadership, then this is an important point.

  • Delegating responsibilities:

A good leader knows that he alone cannot pull the work. Neither can he allow the team to pull off the work all by themselves. A good leader delegates and segregates responsibilities and make sure everyone has a say in it.

  • Proving excellence:

Just like Tim Duncan you will have to be excellent in the work you do. Passion is one thing, and proving the excellence is another. Though it is true that neither of these can exist without each other.

These are some best tips that will help you understand what a good leader is. Following these tips will prove fruitful.


Author’s Bio:

Michelle Johnson is a teacher and an efficient author. She has spent years on teaching students about management skills. She helps them with their assignments and allows them to learn about innovative approaches to one topic. Her years of experience as a teacher helps her guide the students in the best light of knowledge.