10 Amazing Psychology Facts that Shall Sweep You off Your Feet!

The Psychology was always interesting and a mysterious department. Till recently philosophy and psychology were interdependent. It took time for psychology to become an independent scientific discipline. Now that more and more students are inclined to study this subject along with advancement in technology, interesting psychological facts have been discovered!

Though researchers think they have scratched just the tip of the iceberg. There is a huge mystery yet to be known and solved!

1.    What’s your perspective about the world? Music has a huge role to play in it!

If you have always thought that the music can tell about your mood, there is something more that you should add to it then. Music also tells about the way that you perceive the world. Listening to happy or sad or melancholic music can play a great role in changing the perception we hold about the world.

A study by researcher Jacob Jolij along with Maaike Meurs of Psychology Department in University of Groningen has shown by a series of experiments that even when music offers nothing to see, it offers too much to visualize and for that reason music is said to leave a dramatic effect on perception. There are other sectors where people should pay attention like, “What are the significant benefits of music education at schools?”

2.    You don’t announce your goals in the fear of not succeeding?

If you feel the same, then welcome to the club! There have been statistical experiments which have resulted in data which reveals that once all the intended goals are announced, people are always less likely to follow them. This is because it is thought that they lose motivation. It is also thought to happen because saying out goals satisfies a person’s self identity enough to stop them from performing with all efforts to achieve the told goals. So even if you have announced your goals don’t lose motivation to achieve them!

3.    Spending money on others shall make an individual happier!

Want to stay happy and joyful? Spend the extra money you possess on other rather than on yourself. A Research performed by the scholars at the Harvard Business School has shown that people in reality are happier when they give money to others or buy gifts for others. This is because of a simple emotions we possess; expectations! We often anticipate while buying gifts for others, how that person shall react or expressions of that person when he or she shall receive the gift and that make us so happy and excited!

4.    Ignorant people believe they are brilliant and intelligent people often underestimate themselves!

This one is a funny, but it is true. According to the Dunning Kruger Effect, often unskilled individuals assess their own abilities and believe they are superior to what is accurate; while highly skilled people are found out to underestimate their competence because they assume if a certain thing is easy for them, it is easy for others as well!

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5.    Remember a past event or remember the last time you remembered the past event?

Yes, if you do remember an event occurred in past, you are actually remembering the last time you had remembered the event than the very event itself! Every time we have a memory it has been found that we transform it slightly. Northwestern medicine has taken an interesting insight into how our brain works to find out that recalling memories to an extent makes these memories less accurate over time.

6.    Want to become happy? Surround yourself with happy people!

Have you heard about infectious laugh? Often people laugh aloud with friends just because of an infectious laugh. The Psychoneuroendocrinology journal published recently that happiness and stress are contagious. Staying with either kind of people make us feel alike. If you stay with a group of happy people, it shall have a direct influence on you and you are bound to stay happy and gay!

7.    Prayers, attending services and other similar religious practices help to keep stress levels low.

It might sound strange, but being involved with prayers, attending religious services helps people to keep their psychological distress levels low. ‘The American Psychiatric Publishing Textbook of Mood Disorders’ reveals studies which demonstrate this behavior among people.

8.    Your favorite song must have an emotional event associated with it!

It is well known and well experienced that music has a direct influence on emotions. A recent study reveals the other side of the coin. Just like certain smells reminds people of past events associated with it; most people have a particular song as their favorite because they have already attached an emotional event with it.

9.    Spending money on experiences shall leave you with a happier self than on possessions!

If a person spends a certain amount of money on a vacation rather than a particular thing (such as dresses or property) shall leave you with everlasting moments which shall turn into happy experiences through the life. Now that shall keep you happy and bring a smile whenever people will remember the event.

10.     If you are able to fool yourself thinking you have slept well, you can improve performance

Sure it sounds funny! ‘Journal of Experimental Psychology’ has recently published that when patients were told they had above average REM (Rapid Eye Movement which means deep sleep) while they actually had not, have improved their performance in tests conducted. So whenever necessary fool yourself into thinking you have slept quite well even when you had not! Tricky systems!

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