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Importance of Female Education: Top 10 Reasons!

by Nov 1, 2015Assignment Help

The very topic female education is a shame to the world, if not to every individual. Why should the term, female education’ even exist while there is no such equivalent term for men? The answer is simple. We live in a chauvinist world and one does not need to be a feminist to pin point this truth. But the situation is changing. People are realizing that men and women are not separate species but the same. So educating their daughters is equally important as educating sons.

This has lead to a whole new campaign of awareness of female education. Here top ten reasons for understanding the far reaching effects of a few books, pencils, classroom and a teacher are discussed.

1.    To increase the literacy rate:

Out of the millions of illiterate youth across the planet, nearly 63% are females. Female education will not only raise the literacy rate, but also shall spur development in struggling regions.

2.    Increased rate of thriving babies:

United Nations Girls’ Education Initiative states after their survey research that, babies of educated mother are more likely to survive past age of five years. In many countries of Africa, around 16,000 babies dies every year due to sheer ignorance. Foreign aid for school houses and curriculum development can be a partial remedy.

3.    Prevention of human trafficking:

When it comes to human trafficking, women are an easy prey to it. They are most vulnerable to this evil side of the world especially when they belong from a poor and undereducated family. This is stated by United Nations Inter-Agency Project on Human Trafficking. This trafficking industry can be hugely reduced, if not stopped, by providing young girls with the fundamental education, basic opportunities, a space and time to develop their skills.

4.    Women and political representation:

It is a known fact that across the planet women always have been underrepresented as voters. This restricted their political involvement and thus their say in electing leaders had never a strong voice. United Nations have introduced several women’s programmes which are aimed to ease the prevailing gap. The programmes are on leadership and participation which aware women about their rights and duties and inform them about civic education and other trainings.

5.    Education and safe sex

The World Bank has termed education a “window of hope” as this is the only way to prevent the spread of HIV like a wildfire among today’s youth. A girl who has received no basic education shall have no knowledge about sex, leave along safe sex and hygiene. So a basic education and awareness is required to prevent the deadly sexually transmitted diseases from spreading. It has been statistically seen that a girl who has completed her primary school is trice less likely to contract HIV and not fall a prey to AIDS.

There are many campaigns which include participation of high school children. The students need to prepare assignments and posters which they have to demonstratein front of villagers. One can take Education Assignment Help from the excellent homework help companies like us. We not only help children to finish their assignments but also help them to understand the importance of the work.

6.    To build smaller families:

Education is not just required for a job. It is also required for awareness. Girls going to school for receiving education and knowledge know about contraceptives, family planning and the correct reasons governing them. Think of a family with a very low income. How shall that family bring up six children? It is next to impossible. What happens next is, the children are bound to beg or work at a very small age which leads to child labor. So it is observed that one problem is interwoven with the other.

Thus if we can stop one problem from its roots, it shall automatically uproot the other problem. It is seen that girls with increased participation in schools has an average of lesser children that girls without any basic education. The difference is remarkable and the result itself speaks about, “Why education is a basic need of our lives?”especially in lives of women.

7.    Raises the potential income!

Education at school makes a lady knowledgeable. She can work along with her father or husband to earn. So if girls are educated and they start earning with their knowledge and skills, it shall not only boost their wallet, but also boost their confidence and help them build a reputation and respect in the eyes of men. United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization or UNESCO had found out that a single year of primary education raises a girl’s future wages by 20%. It shall also help a small family to take care of children and improve their financial condition if both husband and wife earn.

8.    Delays the early wedding:

Early marriage is a common thing among undereducated sectors across the globe. Parents feel relieved after giving away their daughters to the hands of their husbands for fate to play its role. It is more like getting a responsibility off one’s shoulder rather than wishing well for a girl’s future life. United Nations Population Fund suggest that atleast one among three girls in underdeveloped areas get married much before reaching the age of 18. The wedding date is usually delayed if a girl has completed few years of education.

9.    Up soar in Gross domestic product:

GDP or gross domestic product is bound to increase if both daughters and sons are being offered educational opportunities.

10.    Reduction in poverty:

Educated women who had received proper training and equal rights, participating in business and economic activity shall increase earning power. It shall also combat against poverty through spending the hard earned money on food, clothes, education, shelter and medicines.The future of the world must not sustain people who bully women but by people who help to shape a girl’s life beautifully by providing her with all basic needs including education just like boys. Girls should be shown the same dreams as shown to guys and a proper chance should be given to fulfill all those colorful dreams.