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What is meant by Zero-based budgeting?

Zero-based budgeting or ZBB is that process of budgeting where all the expenses and expenditures are explained for a particular time. As the name indicates a ZBB starts from zero, and every activity is being described in details. ZBB also allows implementation of the goals by priority. As this operation starts from a zero level, so it ends rolling up years after years. It’s been occasionally checked by the managers or the concerned group leaders.

Zero base budgeting assignment help describes the steps involved in a zero-based budgeting:

  • Identifying the task
  • Finding suitable ways to complete the task
  • Evaluating the solutions
  • Finding out an alternative source of funds
  • Setting up the budgeted numbers and priorities

Advantages and disadvantages of zero-based budgeting:

Discussing the pros and cons will help students learn about the topic more. So zero base budgeting homework help here highlights some important points which might prove helpful to you. These are as follows:


  1. Helps the manager to find a way out to improve financial operations.
  2. Finds efficient alternative resources keeping the needs and benefits in find.
  3. Works as aninflated budget detector.
  4. Improves communication among the employees and others.
  5. Eliminates wasteful operations and also helps in outsourcing


  1. Traditional long process.
  2. A real time-consuming budgeting system.
  3. Explaining on each line can create chaos.
  4. Only particular trained person can handle this budget.
  5. In thecase of a large company, keeping track with the whole budgeting system can create a real problem.

According to the zero base budgeting assignment help, ZBB mainly focuses on the performance measures which helps to identify the results. The measures must have to be:

  • Effectiveness
  • Efficiency
  • Workload

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