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What is Zener diode?

A Zener diode permits to flow the current in an ideal way in the forward direction. However, there is an ideal situation for that, and in case the breakdown voltage occurs, then it starts sending the current in the backward direction.

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What is the basic operation including?

Some basics operations are –

  • Waveform clipper
  • Voltage shifter
  • Voltage regulator

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What are the different types of constructions?

There are two different types as-

  • Surface Zeners
  • Subsurface Zeners

Both constructions are little bit different in the sense that Surface Zener means the large capacity that subsurface Zener. You may have to understand the working ability and if you are incapable due to some unclear concepts, then take our support of Zener diode Assignment Help.

How R or resistor is important for an exact Zener?

The value of R depends on the following conditions-

  • The value of R needs to be small enough so that the electric current pass through D remains D in case of the reversible breakdown.
  • The value of R needs to remain large enough so that no breakdown should occur.

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