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Definition of Yield Curve:

Yield curve is a curve which shows the relation between interest rate and the time of maturity.

Types of Yield Curves:

There’re 5 types of yield curves available. Take a look at them.

  1. Normal Yield Curve:

Normal yield curve is a type of curve in whichshort-term debt instrument has lower yield than short-term debt instruments of same credit quality.

  1. Steep Yield Curve:

Steep yield curve is type of a normal yield curve. It possesses the basic proprieties; where the interest rate paid on security with shorter maturity is lower than rate paid on debt with longer maturity.

  1. The Flat Yield Curve:

The yield curves are flat when all maturities are close with one to another.

  1. The Humped Yield Curve:

The humped yield curves are humped whenever short and long-term rateis closer to one another than the medium term rate.

  1. The Inverted Yield Curve:

The yield curve inverts when longer term interest rateis actually lower than the short term interest rate. Take our yield curve homework help to get an in-depth knowledge of the subject.


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