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Tax rates obviously vary from country to country according to the policies. It could be complicated if it is not studied properly. Hence for Worldwide Tax Rates assignment help come to us. Now let’s discuss some of critical points based on worldwide tax rates.

Firstly, tax rate comparison around the world could be tough and subjective as laws for tax differ from country to country and sometimes very complex. Sometimes tax burden also differs by countries.

There are some common kinds of tax that are widely compared from country to country. These are:

  1. Corporate tax
  2. Income tax (individual)
  3. Sales tax (that includes taxes like GST and VAT)
  4. The corporate tax or corporation tax is a tax imposed on corporations. These taxes are imposed sometimes nationwide or may be at state level.
  5. This tax is imposed on individual people on their incomes. This type of tax may be imposed at the state or at the nationwide level.
  6. Sales tax is a tax paid to the government after buying goods and services. Whenever a purchase is made at that point of purchase, a certain percentage of the amount paid goes to the government.

Other than this, there are some other kind of taxes like payroll or property taxes that can be compared among countries.

Let’s compare some tax rates among some countries:


Country Corporate tax Individual income tax (Minimum) Individual income tax (Maximum) Sales Tax
USA About 35 % 0% (federal and State) About 39% (Federal and State) 0-11.72 % (State)
Germany About 30% 14% About 47.47% 19% or about 7%
China About 25% 0% About 45% About 17%
India About 8% 0% About 34.6% Varies from 0-18%


Hence, this is how you can understand how to compare taxes between different countries. You can change the countries as per your requirement and can categorize the taxes. But please remember, the above table does not include any exemption, rebates or deductions. Also, these are just four representative countries and the list can become complex and bigger as you bring in more countries.

Hope this works as an effective Worldwide Tax Rates assignment help.

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