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Working capital turnover ratio is a measure for knowing the effectiveness of the company in utilizing their working capital. It establishes the relationship between money used in company’s operations and sales generated from such operations. The formula for calculating it is –

working capital turnover ratios homework help 1In other words, it tells how efficiently the working capital of the company is utilizing in the generation of sale.  A high turnover ratio indicates the higher efficiency of the company in using the short-term assets as well as short-term liabilities for generating the sales.

On the contrary, low working capital turnover ratio shows about the company’s too much investment in inventory and accounts receivable for supporting their sales. In turn, the low working capital turnover ratio will lead the company towards bad debts.

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  • Not able to estimate the relation in between cost of sales and average of net working capital.
  • Making wrong calculation for the cost of sales, not taking all the entries for its calculation correctly.
  • Getting confused in what entries must be taken for the calculation of the cost of sales.
  • Fail to analyze the efficiency of the company by working capital turnover ratio.

Along with lack of clarity of concepts, there are other subjects too having academic problems which ultimately increase the mental pressure.

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