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What do you mean by working capital and capital expenditure? Working capital is the way of measuring the efficiency of the company along with the short-term financial condition of the company.

Whenever any of the organization making capital investments, it is capital expenditure. These are physical assets for which investment is made.

What are the problems faced by you?

The identified some of the major problems which students face while working capital and capital expenditures homework help. These problems are –

Sometimes, it is difficult for you to differentiate in between capital expenditure and net working capital. It is not easy to tell the impact of capital expenditure on income statements of the company

Very often, students by mistake consider the revenue expenditure as capital expenditure. They are not well aware of the fact that revenue expenditure is different from capital expenditure in Accounting.

Students are not able to recognize the different impact of capital expenditure on working capital if capital expenditure is paid with cash, debts, and mixture of cash and debt. It is essential to calculate the accounts receivables and accounts payables correctly.

Students must also know cash flow. It is hard to establish the relationship in between working capital and capital expenditure of company.

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