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Optical components are known to be cheap and also consume very low electric power compared to high speed RF (radio frequency) components. Optical wireless will not suffer from different multipath fading and appears to be less potential when there is an interference with RF sensitive electronic systems.

Wireless optical is a high end technology

Optical wireless is known to be a unique technology that can come up with attractive alternative that is used in different application areas. This would further complement with fiber optic and also RF wireless solution is known to be neither costly. They have the potential to perform undesirable interference which is also not feasible.

Depending on transmission range, the wireless optical communication homework help will make sure that you get to know about different categories involved:

  • Ultra-short range OWC:

Chip-to-chip communication which is stacked and also packed with other multi-chip package

  • Short range OWC:

This would include wireless body area network, underwater communication and also wireless personal area network

  • Medium range OWC:

This would involve vehicle to infrastructure communication, indoor IR and visible light communication

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