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Will Accountants be replaced by Computers?

by Sep 30, 2015Accounting

We are in the age of technology. Almost everywhere, with more development of the 7 letter wonder C-O-M-P-U-T-E-R, it is increasing taking up jobs of individuals and making it even easier.

It is wherever the eye goes; computers have replaced most manual operations. Obviously it is helping us a lot. But there are certain things that only individuals can do and not a computer.

But this is also true that accounting software has been easing the jobs of accountants for quite some time now. And not only accountants but increasing number of users are benefitted by them. While with the advancement of technology, and more user friendly software appearing it would not be a complete surprise if accountants start increasingly to go out of business. Consider the new software that has made entry into the lives of every individual:

  • Online tax filing.
  • Online banking.
  • Methods of investment online.

But one of the major drawbacks of computer automated software has is that; it does not provide rather it cannot provide suggestions or advice based on situations, useful discussions and detailed analysis that only an individual could give.

Sure computers can give output to all sorts of calculations that eliminates the use of accountants, but here are some situations when they are not that effective:

Know these situations

  • In case of miscalculation there are no ways to eliminate or remedy that instantly which accountants can immediately do.
  • Tips and tricks that make financial transactions easy are only known to accountants but not computers.
  • Complex situation where a different measure is to be taken cannot be handled easily. There are a lot more.

Computers were invented by MAN only, so there is no way a man could be replaced.

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