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Why Will I Do My Accounting Homework? 5 Career Options to Answer!

by Apr 8, 2017Accounting

“Why will I do my accounting homework? Anyway, I am planning to drop this subject, and it has no future apart from being an accountant.”This was the reply that I got after repeatedly asking my son to finish up his accountancy homework. As a parent, naturally this thought can be quite unnerving for anyone. However it is what the scenario is in most cases. Students these days, though are well equipped with the internet, yet have certain prejudices attached regarding studies.

It is these prejudices that result in them taking wrong decisions a number of times resulting in them getting diverted. For the uninitiated, a subject as accounting has a number of opportunities associated with it.

So, here are some of the other options that you have in terms of career options, which you can give an answer, in case your child asks you why should I do my accounting homework?

Career options with accountancy as a subject:

Unlike most other subjects, accountancy is one that offers multiple job opportunities and therefore it is important to know what various options are available.

Gone are the days of being a mere accountant. Now if you have a query as to why should I do my accounting homework? the career prospects are truly good.

Career 1: Budget Analyst:

The job of a budget analyst is to ensure that career goals are matched with a specific budget that has been ascertained for that project. An analyst helps in organizing a company’s finances and ensures that targets are met within a specified period. Hence, rather than the usual desk job that most of the accountants are associated with, this job has certain amount of challenge in it, that is motivating for students.

In most cases, this job profile requires a bachelor’s or a master’s degree in accounting and in case of federal service it can pay within range of $40,000-$80,000. So, next time, your child asks, why will I do my accounting homework?you surely have a solid reason to give him.

Career 2: Comptroller

As the head of the financial department, the primary function of a comptroller is to oversee the various functions of a company’s finances. It is also his or her duty to ensure that company has clear accounts as well as a very good company representation in the various government agencies. Hence, a company’s complete financial responsibility in every manner is clearly dependent on the comptroller.

Additionally, there are multiple job options beneath this position such as asset management, policy accountant, banking information technology specialist. This allows an accounting degree student to explore professional areas as operation of banks and information technology, security management, regulating monetary control in the economy.

Career 3: CPA

For your child asking why will I do my accounting homework? this job prospect can be quite encouraging. As a Certified Public Accountant, his job profile varies from filing of tax for individuals and corporations. Also, there are a number of financial planning services which are available and are a part of his job profile.

In this case, a specialized accountancy program and a bachelor’s degree in accountancy is required. The other areas that require such degree is: public accounting, management of assets, managing the assessed risks, performing reviews and planning of tax services.  You can take online help to learn this subject better with Wiley Plus homework answers accounting can provide you a new aspect in accounting!

Career 4: Chief Financial Officer

For that naughty kid of yours asking why will I do my accounting homework? this is another position that holds great importance in the market. Chief Financial Officer is responsible for advising directors of a company in its managerial decisions as well as financial transactions.

Hence, in a company, if there is someone above the CEO, it is surely this person who provides a complete guidance in terms of investments that are made in a company and how they would be directed towards benefit of the company.

Career 5: Forensic Accounting

This is another unique domain that requires accountancy students to be a part of their team. In every firm’s forensic department there is need of a forensic accounting individual who will help in dealing with fraudulent activities that are prevalent. With a salary package starting from $60,000, this is currently not just a prestigious job but is extremely challenging and monetarily satisfactory.

In case you are not planning to take on the direct route, the other areas where such a job profile is required includes: consultancy firms and management areas, various law firms as associated to their legal team and finally in various government agencies. Thus, for a bright future this is a great option!

Now, are you satisfied? Well, with career options as these before you, naturally you would encourage your child in that direction. So, make sure to give him examples from a couple of these in case your child again bombards you with queries as why will I do my accounting homework?

 Be a part of the golden future that you can gift your child!