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Why Should You Learn Chemistry?

by Sep 11, 2016Chemistry

It is well-known to all of us that Arts subjects are mostly theory based learning subjects whereas Science subjects like Physics, Chemistry and Biology are mostly logic based but what we tend to forget is that they are just ‘’mostly’’ logic based not entirely logic based. You have to learn something or the other and Chemistry is one such science subject where you have loads to learn. In fact mugging up would be the appropriate phrase. With the numerous equations and symbols and properties, Chemistry is indeed one difficult subject to cope with and without learning all those details, you might as well forget about good grades and higher studies in Chemistry.
Chemistry is a discipline of Corporeal Science that researches the amalgam, arrangement, features and changes of matter. Chemistry is often termed as central science due to its quality of merging other natural sciences which includes physics and biology. With so many distinctive qualities in one subject, it is obviously not a piece of cake. It will take a lot of hard work and efficiency to deal with chemistry. You have to be cautious and learn the details by heart. So, if you are a science student who finds science appealing due to it very ‘logic based’ nature, then you are in for a shock when it comes to Chemistry because Chemistry has a lot of mugging u involved almost as much as that in History.
With the subject being so challenging in itself, you will find it very difficult to handle the mugging up, assignments and homework from school together which is why I would suggest you to seek guidance from online assignment making sites like that of ours which will not only ensure the speedy delivery of your assignment at your doorstep in the most minimum of rates but also clear all your doubts regarding Chemistry and help you with your homework as well.
The reasons why you should mug up Chemistry and how you can mug up Chemistry in an easy manner have been listed below:

  • You cannot think about the Periodic table ‘logically’ and get good grades based on your reasoning power, can you? For tackling the Periodic table, you simply have to learn the Periodic table by heart and in order of their atomic number. When it comes to the properties, you can make a list of each element with similar properties and learn it that way but one way or the other, learning is a must. I learnt the periodic table with the simple sing song use of the elements’ chemical names in this manner (Note: I have put up the pronunciation of the elements’ chemical names here, not the real chemical abbreviations):- Ho, He, Li, Be, Buh, Ka, Nof (two elements together), Ne, Na, Mag, Al, Si, Pss (two elements together), Cl, Ar. I had learnt this in my eighth grade and I still remember it by heart because of its simple sing song manner. Try it yourself and see how to work wonders.
  • Acid Bases and Salts is another chapter which involves many equations in it. Without learning them, it is impossible to deal with the chapter. You have to learn everything. You have to learn what each element is i.e. whether they are Acid, bases or salts and also, their level of alkalinity. For learning this, I can give just one simple tip and that is Mug up as much as possible. It is obvious that you might make mistakes but what is important and necessary is that you learn up as many equations and properties as possible because once you learn what each element is, you might find similar properties in elements belonging to each group in the periodic table.
  • The law involving sums like ‘Gay Lussac’s law sums’, ‘Charles Boyle’s law sums’ is probably the only chapter with so little to learn but you have to remember that, whether little or more, it is necessary that you learn. You have to learn the laws and the formulas for solving each kind of sum. You have to learn the Standard temperature and pressure which is 0 degree and 1 atmosphere respectively. Although it has little to learn, the information that you have to learn, if not learnt, will lead to your loss of around 10% of your total marks considering the fact that sums tend to fetch you more marks.
  • Organic Chemistry is the one portion in Chemistry where the expert coupling of logic and reasoning and, mugging up is required. There are instances where logic and reasoning works way better than mugging up in Organic Chemistry but then there are other instances where your level of understanding is very limited to actually sit and think about the logic behind a specific reaction and reason about it. Therefore, in instances like those, nothing goes better than mugging up. In fact, logic and reasoning comes a little later in Organic Chemistry as it takes time for your brain to sink in the entire concept. So, your first savior is obviously mugging up the reactions.

Chemistry is in actuality a very interesting and flexible subject and in some ways, better than Physics and Biology. It is probably that branch of Science that gives you the scope of trying out the making of new substances and discovering its properties. Chemistry and Physics are the two branches of Science which are the reasons for most inventions because it the logic involved in these subjects that serves for the invention of a useful gadget with the maximum features.
Chemistry and mugging up walk hand in hand and I hope that after reading this article, you have understood that. You cannot master in Chemistry without mugging up. Thereby, if the above article has helped you and given a rest to your confusions and, solved whatever doubts you had regarding why you should learn Chemistry, then, refer to ‘10 Tips to Make Physics More Enjoyable for You’ for tips to make Physics enjoyable for you.