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Why is Computer Science an Attractive Subject to Study?

by Nov 22, 2015Computer Science

In this era, a life without computers cannot be even imagined! What would we do without typing in the search button and clicking it for searching one specific file among thousands others? Just imagine the scenario if you had to do this manually!

What is the need to study computer science?

Who shall be the developers and protectors of this technology if everyone just uses it and nobody pay much heed to study it? This is perhaps the best reason to study computer sciences, as it has become such an integral part of everybody’s life.

The computer revolution has just begun; it has a long way to go! The researchers of computer sciences can modify and affect future lives. They can develop software which can design blueprints of architectures and various techniques by a much advanced computing.

Computer science is one powerful weapon to carve a positive change in this world. It is because of some super brilliant minds and brains along with computers which perform accurately undertakings like viewing the other face of Pluto, observing ice in Mars, maintaining huge databases of customers in various international service provider companies, managing patient care to personalize drug dosages and preventing undesired drug interactions, usage of Smartphone and so on. This list is a never ending one.
It is a sector of unbounded potential!

Why should you study computer science?

Even if you do not want to undergo a rigorous major course in computer science, you should always learn this technology in order to gain knowledge about optimum usage of computers! The late Steve Jobs believed that learning ways to program a computer helps an individual to think and this is another reason everybody should learn programming; atleast the basic of it.

Given below are few reasons which drive many students to study this subject and make computer science a very popular discipline to major in college.

Feel like a Creator!

This is the most popular reason of CS major. Anything you build shall stay forever; it shall stay stored in the chips till the world ends! It can be accessible to a huge number of people, that too very easily without printing, binding or distribution troubles and costs. You shall get a feeling, like you are the God. Computers are actually very dumb. It has no intelligence to do anything. What they are good at is, following instructions. Computers shall follow you instructions to every bit and if you have the potential to talk to these circuits in a language they understand, no one can stop you from flourishing in your career!

Flexible work schedules!

In this busy world, when people don’t get time to spare to stand and stare; computers scientists enjoy a really flexible work schedule! You know computer language, have access to internet connection, and a computer at hand to work with; you can turn even a coffee shop into office! Thus, work schedules can be really flexible as all one can want is the work to be done; no matter where and how it is done.

Smart economic decision!

Choosing to major in computer science is not only a good academic move, but also a smart economic decision. In every year there are around millions of computing jobs openings and this number is increasing with every passing year.

Computing had been found to be one of the fastest growing jobs in this decade! This partially solves the unemployment problem if a person has knowledge in computer science.

Vast Applications!

Speaking about benefits, a major in this subject shall open to a student lot of options. Want o work in academics? Of course you can! A computer scientist shall have the potential to work in academia by knowing cutting edge applications. One can also go in departments with computational departments such as chemistry or biology. A computer scientist can even land up with a job in a large multinational company or as a freelance web designer or even a small start up as a game designer! Sounds interesting, isn’t it?The varieties of jobs and other specialties in this sector are vast.

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A couple of realties of being a computer science major are given below!

The key is experimentation!

You will need to mess along with codes, commit a few mistakes in order to understand it right! It sounds weird enough, but it is true. You might break something which is already working, and by practicing more you will be able to land upon something which has not been documented yet.

Easy to give up!

It is easy to quit and leave the coding job for someone else. But that’s just a thought of one lazy moment. You should learn coding, as doctors should learn to write the correct prescription. This subject is based on codes and if you don’t do it and everyone thinks alike; who will?

There are so many jobs to fill in coding and it is of no surprise that software is where all attractive jobs are! After all talent is one thing recruiters are aggressively searching. Who knows, maybe you shall code the next popular app!

A sudden need to break down everything!

Yes, this another amazing soft skill a student shall develop. Think of a problem? You shall learn to break the problem down into pieces and try to solve those efficiently. Again, everybody around you shall suddenly reply on your skills to fix any software problem they face in tablets, mobile phones or laptops. You need to understand the system, pin point the troubleshooting areas and try to fix them that shall not only solve the software problem, but also shall bring love of the persons who approached you with the problem.

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