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Why Do Parents and Teachers Insist on Completing Assignments

By Sarah J Mitchell
6 Nov, 2016
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Students often complain about difficulties of homework and the procedure to do research. It has been found that around 5% – 8% of students practice copying from other students. Either these students offer assignments freely, or they have been forced to provide their assignments.
Have you ever noticed how your kids behave in class? Have you ever asked the teacher how responsible is your children? If no, then you should reach their school or college to make sure that your kids are in the right direction. Each individual has different situations, and in some cases, you have to support their weaknesses.
Whether you are aware of your kids’ status or not? As a responsible parent, you have to take the first step in the building of your kids’ future bright.
Parents Role:
Different parentsbelonging to different locality and understanding always ask their kids to complete their work on time.This is because they all know the value of assigned work given to the students as homework. Assignments are not only important for students, but it also has the same value for parents in their particular work.
There are students who ran away from completing their task make excuses. If parents take part in the students’ education life positively, then they can change this attitude of their kids. You have to observe your kids’ behavior and other changes in his/her habit to acknowledge the reason behind poor grades.
After finding the actual reason, you can talk with your kids and tell them how to fight against the dilemmas of practicing homework to bring positive outcomes.
Teachers Role:
After reaching the respective school or college, it is the sole responsibility of teachers to make the things understandable for students. This will ease the process of learning and help students in their learning procedure. If any teacher finds there is a lack of coordination from some of the students, then you should ask the reason behind their lack of performance.
If this scenario still persist, then it is better to talk to their parents rather than degrading their grades. Learning is a chain in which everyone has their own role to play. Teachers should discuss the matter after certain observations. This will help in teachers-students and parents coordination in a better way.
Why Homework?
According to the surveys, it has been found that students have always neglected from doing assignments and projects at home. In this case, if teachers and parents explain the importance of assignments properly, then no one feels discouraged with practicing assignments.
Some reports have suggested that the quantity of assignments matter in students’ life. If teachers offer sufficient quality of assignments that student always expects, then there will be no issue.Do you know how teachers canknow the limit of assignments?
It is just a challenging factor, and it requires a different opinion. If teachers know their students well, then it is possible that teachers would understand their feelings and act accordingly.
It has been found that students underperform because of stress, headache and other problems. After reaching the doctors, it has been sourced out that the overburden of assignments and pressure in school responsible for student’ failure.
In this case, parents and teachers should show directions how to manage their work and decrease the level of pressure to help in their academics.
Reasons of Practicing Homework:
As a student, most of the kids are insisted by their parents and teachers to do assignments. It is also important that work should be done in time to avoid certain consequences. It is better that students should be aware of its importance. There are several reasons forpracticingassignments, and it is important that students should know these values.
Some of the major reasons behind practicing assignments:

  1. Assignments teach how to learn:

If students practice assignments, then they have to students the lessons (chapters) again at home. When someone practices similar work, again and again, he/she will be able to make their stand better with proper understanding.

  1. It help in doing research:

Sometimes teacher offers assignments of anunusual topic that has limited information. Students need to do research which helps in the development of their personal skills.

  1. It help in time-management:

As students have to submit their task on time, it is important to complete the task on time. In this regard, it is important to follow a schedule and utilize the time accordingly to avoid any misuse of time. This will help in doing exams and attempt all the questions withproper answers within the time limit.

  1. It help in improving one’s skills:

When students practice assignments on a regular basis, this makes them responsible for different activities. If they understand how to perform, this helps in overall development of students’ character. This not only helps in schools, but you can make your stand in society as well. Moreover, parents always desire to see their kids on top in understanding and character.

  1. It help in better understanding:

Some of the topics are really difficult to understand. In this case, you should ask your teachers and take help to comprehend with your assignments. This improves your productivity and helps you in practicing accurate assignments.
Every parent and teacher insist their kids to practice assignments and complete them on time. If you find it difficult and overwhelming, then you can take help from online professional experts. This will reduce the pressure and balance your task to perform better.

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