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Why am I Unable to Get Good Marks in Physics?

by Nov 22, 2015Physics

Any subject is not easy until it’s read with complete concentration and great attention. In addition to that, a liking is needed for a better understanding. But, most often it’s found that pupils face difficulties while studying some subjects. Of course, choices are variable. All the students don’t have to meet with obstacles for same subjects. It’s changeable and varies from man to man. Frequently it’s noticed that students of literature are found not to possess any kind of interest in science or commerce based subjects and the reverse is also very true. But, sometimes they are bound to prepare for the subjects whichare not meant for them.

However, Physics is a great problem for many students. There are a number of people who can’t deal easily and comfortably with this subject. They find it to be really a tough one for various reasons. They are in search of different tactics to get out of such severe issues those create aproblem for them while studying Physics. But, before everything else we need to get that point what the subject is all about.

How can we define Physics?

It’s one of the parts of natural sciences with Chemistry, Mathematics and Biology and there is great connectivity in between these three subjects. They all need to be learned at the very root to know some basics but after that students can select either stream or one of these subjects for higher studies.

However, Physics is one of such general or common disciplines known to everyone. Still, it’s not simple for everybody. There are lots of topics come under this subject those are required in multiple technologies. For improving our day to day life advancement of technology is a mandatory matter and Physics plays a major role providing ahand of contribution in that. The theories need to be applied practically in several sectors such as in nuclear sciences, astronomical factors, civil engineering, software development and so on.

What are the causes for lagging behind in Physics?

The area of learning is not just vast; some of the topics are highly complicated too. There are two parts that pupils require going through:

1. Theoretical analyses.
2. Practical handlings.

Some of the sub-topics which are covered by Physics are

1. Inertia.
2. Gravity.
3. Newton’s Laws of Motion.
4. Kinetic Energy.
5. Heat.
6. Latent Heat.
7. Reflection.
8. Refraction.
9. Electricity.
10. Sound.
11. Mechanics.
12. Thermodynamics.

All these topics include various explanations and some of them obtain mathematical application and theorems also. Naturally, it would be an exaggeration to mention that everyone is quite pleased and comfortable with these above-told issues.

So, students should understand what are the tricks of preparing exams in an easy way.

Why is one unable to get good marks in Physics and how to overcome these complexities?
The inability of fetching high scores in Physics can be a cause of various problems those require solutions as well. You have to understand where the problem lies. Remember, success is not a result of theshort cut way. It’s not about Midas-touch and you have to work hard to fulfil your wish of getting standard marks. However, some of the hindrances and their solutions are as follows:

1. Understand the discipline:

At the very beginning try to make interest in this subject. It would help you to learn it without complication. To understand a particular issue especially which is not an easier one, you must read between the lines again and again. Repeated study will be beneficial for you to achieve the desired goal.

But, keep in mind that Physics is all about understanding and not about mere mugging up. Do not study blindly and try to make compact perception.

2. Give complete attention:

Maybe the reason of your failure lies in thelack of concentration. So, what you need to do is to get out of absent-mindedness and this can help you to get rid of bad scores.
Stop fearing:

If you are traumatic about Physics, this is perhaps the most important cause of your non-success. Just stop fearing and get the perfect marks.

3. Take proper guidance:

Right path showing is compulsory. You must take guidance from your teachers and seniors also. In this regard,we would be a wonderful support for you. We are a homework help company and thus, we are always available to provide you proper guidance. If need be, you are free to take assistance from us.

4. Prepare notes:

Theoretical parts require the perfect notes which would never be lengthy and to-the-point. It’s not literature where we can need to add ornamental objects and words. Here, the fundamentals are wanted. So, never forget that point.

5. Increase habit of writing:

Writing habit is of great necessity not only for Physics but also for all other disciplines. It should be expanded to avoid typical mistakes.

6. Maintain good time table:

One of the possible reasons for non-fulfilling of scoring high in Physics is perhaps the improper sense of time management. There should be a methodical way of solving a paper. The easier answers should be done first and thereafter, you have to make further attempts.

7. Mathematical calculation:

Mathematical parts are needed to be done carefully and with full concentration. But, before that you have to make a clear concept regarding that portion and why the calculation is needed.There are some formulas that we have to memorize. But, if we can apprehend from where the formulas have arrived, it would be helpful for us to remember all those numerical methods.

8. Solve various papers:

To get good marks, practice is not enough. You can solve different previous or model papers to take a high leap.

9. Be confident:

Lastly, the most significant factor is to study with confidence, have faithin yourself and solve the exam-paper with complete self-assurance.

Maybe, this discussion would be highly advantageous for you and you are able to comprehend your worries as well. So, make use of these solutions to get rid of such drawbacks.