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Wholesaling refers to the concept of buying and then subsequently selling any hood, product or services to a particular customer type, which is their target customer base. The person to whom the product is sold is called the reseller. These resellers are basically other manufacturers, retailers or retail shops who will sell these products to the common man, usually referred to as the end user or end customer.

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Analyzing wholesaling

The concept of wholesaling is not that difficult to grasp if are able to understand the crux of the matter. It is the business of buying huge quantities of products in bulk at a price and then subsequently selling them at much higher price in order to get a profit.

However, the products are not sold in the same condition as they are bought. They are repackaged, reassigned, at times modified and rebranded and then finally sold off in smaller batches.

Wholesaling can also be what we call in layman’s term as a middle man’s market where an individual or company buys goods in bulk from the manufacturer with an intention of not selling it right away in the open market.

Business of wholesalers

Wholesales are seldom associated with manufacturing the products that they sell. They are mostly associated with repackaging and distribution of the products to reach their target audience ultimately. Hence, they have more of a marketing and distribution role as opposed to a manufacturing role.

Wholesalers can deal in a number of products and varied types or strictly concentrate on only a particular product type. The choice ultimately lies with the wholesaler while choosing its product portfolio. As such, wholesalers might have a single minded approach or a more open business policy.

Wholesaling is not just restricted to products but may also extend to services. In today’s world, wholesaling is an important component of the banking sector and hence, ultimately a key structure in today’s finance and market.

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