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Where Can You Find Solid Waste Disposal Issues Help Homework?

by Jun 15, 2017Homework Solution

Everybody likes to live in a clean, hygienic, and healthy environment, and it is our responsibility to keep our environment clean, green, and hygienic. There are various ways in which, people can make their contribution in keeping the environment clean and one such way is, by following a proper waste management system. Every day, solid waste materials get accumulated in and around our houses. It is seen that many people carelessly dump the waste materials outside their houses, on the road-side, and other places. If garbage and other solid waste materials are left untreated for many days, they slowly decompose and give out a foul smell, harmful gasses, which pollute the environment, and also give rise to bacteria and germs, which may cause various diseases.

What are solid wastes?                                                                                                                    

Daily activities of human beings and animals give rise to solid wastes. Solid or semi-solid materials, which are old, useless, and filthy, and thrown away by people, are termed as solid wastes. Domestic rubbish, waste materials discharged by various industries, sewage, animal droppings, etc. are also types of solid wastes.

Classification of solid wastes

Solid wastes can be classified into three basic categories depending on their nature and source:

  • The most common form of solid waste is the household waste, which is also called municipal waste. Garbage gets accumulated in and around the residential and commercial areas and the quantity of this kind of waste materials are increasing rapidly day by day.
  • Another major kind of solid waste is industrial waste. Industrial wastes can be very dangerous in nature as these wastes contain toxic materials that are extremely harmful to the environment. By nature, these waste materials can be highly inflammable, hazardous, corrosive, and can contaminate air and water if remain exposed to the environment for many days. Industrial solid wastes may give out poisonous gasses that are harmful to the living beings.
  • Biomedical or hospital waste is the third kind of the common solid wastes. In the hospitals and health care centers, wastes are generated during the treatments of various diseases and injuries in human beings. Hospital wastes include discarded medicines, syringes, medicine bottles, bandages, chemicals, disposables, etc. Hospital wastes can be highly infectious as these contain germs of various diseases.

Solid waste disposal issues – now a part of academic disciplines

In today’s world, disposal and management of solid wastes are serious issues. If the solid wastes are not disposed and managed in a scientific manner, then they can cause serious harm to the environment and the flora and fauna. In most schools, colleges, and higher educational institutions, ‘waste disposal and management’ is a commonly discussed and taught topic. It is necessary to make the students aware of the importance and ways of proper waste disposal and management. In many schools and colleges, students are asked to prepare projects and assignments on the importance of solid waste management and techniques of waste disposal. If you need solid waste disposal issues help homework, then you may take the necessary help online.

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Waste disposal and management

Solid waste materials can be of various types. Some of them are listed below:

  • Decomposable wastes like household garbage
  • Non-decomposable wastes like paper, wood, glass, plastics, metals, etc.
  • Remains of dead animals
  • Biomass sludge
  • Construction debris
  • Organic wastes like vegetables, fruits, flowers, leaves, kitchen wastes, etc.
  • Toxic wastes like pesticides, chemicals, paints, fertilizers, medicines, etc.
  • Discarded goods like old furniture, household appliances, machinery, parts of automobiles, old vehicles, waste tires, scrap metals, and other junk items

By using various scientific techniques like landfills, recycling, reusing, incineration, etc., solid wastes can be managed and their harmful consequences on the environment can be reduced to a great extent. Recyclable waste materials like paper, glass, plastics, metals, etc. should be recycled.

Make your assignment informative

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Waste disposal and management is a major issue in the present day and needs to be resolved in the best way possible. It is the responsibility of every individual to give proper care and attention towards waste disposal and management so as to protect the environment and make the earth a better place to live in.