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When You Forgot About the Homework

by Jun 8, 2016Homework Help

There’s been many an occasions in a student’s life when they simply do not want to be bothered about homework. They want to concentrate on other activities like sports and build up their social circle rather than sit and do homework. However, sometimes they simply forget about the assignments that they have to submit and the thought doesn’t enter their mind until the morning of the school day.
It is then the panic mode steps in and they realize the repercussions that they might have to face. As a kid, I had to come out with innovative excuse to just come up with some answers that might satisfy the teachers which sometimes were believable, and sometimes not.
Oftentimes, when a student conveniently forgets about completing their homework, the first thing that they worry about is repercussions. How exactly will they be penalized and how severe would it be? If a student is in high school, the teacher would probably right a note to the parent or call them personally to inform them about the situation. And once your parents come to know about it, it might seriously get you into some trouble.
This means they will always be vigilant about your studies or might even ground you. If you are in college, then the repercussions might reflect in your marks as most of these assignments are graded.
‘Sometimes we survive by forgetting’
How to survive such a problem?
Thus, the question arises, how can you get out of forgetting about your homework and not be penalized in any manner? Well, for starters, forgetting about your homework will not work for you always. The teacher might believe you once or twice but the moment she realizes that it is a habit; she will start distrusting and will start penalizing. Thus, you need to come up with some ways to manage the situation. Down below are somepoints that you can certainly look into if you have forgotten about your homework and need to complete it.
One of the convenient ways to complete and submit your homework if you have forgotten to do it on your own is to copy it from a friend or a classmate. It rarely takes up much time to copy form others and also saves you from getting into trouble. However, do be sure that the person you are copying from is reliable and will not complain to the teacher about copying form their work. Also, check the assignment carefully to ascertain that you are copying anything wrong from your friend or classmate. But remember.
‘You can copy all you want, you will always be one step behind’
Finish it off in school
There has been many a time in my life when I had totally forgotten about completing some homework until the morning of the schoolday. So I finished it off in school hurriedly and escaped any sort of rebuking. Take all your study materials along with you to school, and finish it off in school itself to escape any sort of punishment. You can do that in between classes or even lunch breaks or even in the class; nobody is going to notice it unless you make it evident.
Try to come up with a legitimate excuse
One of the many things that students need to learn is making up good, legitimate excuses. When they forget about their homework, panic sets in andthey ramble in frontof the teacher and make up ridiculous excuses like a racoon ran away with my homework, or better yet someone stole my homework! Bereal, a teacher is never going to believe in such excuses. So set aside that panic, and think up some excuse that your teacher might actually let you getaway with. Listed below are some tips which you can use to make up your excuse.
Technical malfunction
One ofthe most common and actually believable excuses is that of technical malfunction. Everybody knows that how technology is important nowadays and how it is happily sued by the students to complete their homework, without much assistance. So, if you have to print and give them hard copy, then you can say that you laptop or computer crashed. Or if it is a soft copy that you have to submit, then you can say that your USB drive fell into some water and isn’t working at all.  Moreover, if you have to conduct some research work then you can say that your net wasn’t functioning.
Make it believable
No matter what excuse you give in, you have to make it believable. Make it realistic and base it on facts. Do not prepare an excuse impromptu. Instead, prepare it form beforehand, so that you do not ramble and come up with some ridiculous excuses.
Fake it
Some homework can be faked and you can get away with it. Like, if you have homework on maths then you can simply put in random numbers just so you can prove that you have completed your homework. It might not be right, but it will help you temporarily. Similarly, if there’s homework on English, you can simply right some story after reading the summary on the net and submit it. It’s all about stating your perspective after all.
Ask your parents
However, if you cannot come up with any legitimate excuse that the teacher will believe and can absolutely trust your parents not to scream and shout, then you can simply ask them to write up an excuse. A teacher is more prone to trust a letter written and signed by your parents than some random excuse stated by you. Also, your parents will know how to write up a better excuse compared to you.
Get an extension
If you absolutely trust your teacher to be fair, then you can state your reasons and talk to her. Tell her the truth and ask for an extension. Some teachers are really considerate and understandthe monumental pressure that the studentshave to go through. They might just extend the deadline for submission just so you can submit it.
Thus, you can well combat the issue if you are prepared to handle it. However, this won’thelp you get way form not doing your homework at all. Moreover, it will affect you more if you keep with these excuses and turn it into a habit.