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What’s The Worst Way to Learn Programming?

by Oct 28, 2015Programming

Techniques involved in programming have changed dramatically, where programmers are left exposed to too much information. Books, videos, online communities and what not have become the ultimate gurus, speaking volumes about the world of programming. But wait, is this the right step to take, or are programmers doing something wrong?
The fact is simple and straight; only handful of information, ideas and thoughts are essential out of the zillions of tips, advices and information that beckons any programmer. This is what brings us to the worst way of learning programming.

It is natural to be apprehensive when you are a beginner in this industry. However, this apprehension can direct your path to many unwanted ways that will never help you with programming in any manner, rather affect your time and money to a greater extent. To help you out, here are the top 10 worst ways that you should always stay away from when you start to learn programming.

1. Too Much Information- Lots of Trouble!
That battle against curiosity is not that easy to conquer but if you want to excel yourself as a programmer then you have to win it-confused? Let’s elaborate this with an example. You already have several programming books in your stack which are more than enough to teach you about the know-hows of programming that you want to know. But, one fine day you discover a collection of books that you think can be better and thus purchase them to gain additional information about programming. Such situations should always be avoided.

In programming, there is no such thing called additional information. Learning programs is a systematic process where you have to take each step in a steady manner that will allow you to make your way from basic to advanced level in a seamless manner.

2. Basic Concepts- Who Needs Them?
Learning programming is not something that you can do in one night. It takes years of practice, skill and expertise to make the most of it. Programmers, especially the novice ones feel that if they skip the basic and jump to the advanced then they would become a one of a kind programmer in no time. This is one of the worst ways, where you can end up learning nothing.

For instance, if you do not know what syntax, programming language or program is then how you will be able to handle the functionalities associated with it.

It true that for a programmer the focus is always on the operations that take place with the programming language, but without a strong foundation (that comes from basic) you will never be able to work the way you should.

3. No Knowledge about Codes, Let’s Implement it First!
Wait, do you want to become a clueless programmer who has is not aware about the implementations of the code and thus does not know what is going to happen in the next step, and thus awaits unpredictable results from the programs? No one wants to be in that situation!

To avoid such circumstances, try gaining theoretical knowledge about codes first. The theories will help you in understanding what the real application of codes is and how it can initiate into better programming. Only when you are satisfied with the knowledge that you have acquired from the theoretical approach, start working with programs, initially errors do occur but that’s just a stepping stone to success.

4. Excessive Learning – That’s The Game Changer
No, never and don’t even think about. By challenging your learning abilities you are just going to make things uncomfortable for you. Then soon there will come a time when you will completely lose interest over programming and start looking up for some other career perspective.

Learning programming should always be fun and disciplined. Not too much, and never too less. Plan your strategy by considering the vital aspects of programming, and extend the learning period for building momentum and having context.

5. Programming is Extremely Difficult, Sigh!
Your attitude is something that can make the difference. Right from the beginning of the learning process if you have it in your mind that programming is difficult then the same would reflect in your learning abilities. This does not mean that programming is easy, but the way you think about it is what matters.

Have positive outlook towards it, and learn from the mistakes that you commit.

6. Time to Learn Every Programming Language
After information, the next worst way that a programmer can take up is learning not one but multiple programming languages at once.

When you start learning more than one programming language simultaneously then you become puzzled about the design, approach, structure and function sets of the language, as a result of which you are unable to learn anything from the two.

7. Copying Solutions from Experts
You have been struggling with program for several days and finally comes a time when you decide to copy the solution, so that everything is completed in a fruitful manner.

So, if you copied then what did you learn? Copying can never be the solution to learn programming, it might save you from strenuous deadlines, but for the long term learning process, copying will take you nowhere.

8. Never Refer to Books, Its Boring
Stuck with a programming and unable to understand the behaviour of the program-what should be done! Books are something that you need, Referring to books can help you save optimal amount of money and time that you might have wasted, frustrated with the program.

9.  The Syllabus is all that needs to be done
Come again, “syllabus”? Not exactly. This is truly one of the worst ways of learning program, if you limit your knowledge to the syllabus then what about those concepts, tools, functions and operations that are beyond it.

10. it’s me who’s The Boss
Being confident about your approach to learn programming is good, but over-confidence can be a real spoiler. Consult with experts about the strategies that you can use while learning programming. This will help you know more about the techniques that they had used when they were working as beginners.