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What Will Motivate Students to Develop an Interest in Statistics Assignment?

by Apr 19, 2017Statistics

Motivation is the key to triumph. Being motivated all through performing a particular task forms a crucial crux of the task itself.  From learning, preparing an assignment, getting through a difficult struggle to any such life event, motivation is that critical asset to an individual which makes him or her successful. Irrespective of the type and nature of the subject, students might never find it possibly easy to attain their set realms of goals, if they do not derive motivation for the subject that they are working on.

However, if students relate to the realistic approaches of their course, and if they are able to connect it to the real prospects of life that occur practically, they are sure to develop an interest in their tasks. Knowing the prominence of their subject and gradually developing a flair for it actually, helps.

Statistics is a very substantially important subject which does provide a multitude of opportunities in getting to know the real world and its ways. It is highly given credit to under really understandable situations which help the humankind in moving further and making various policies.

Here is the list as to why working with statistics can be real fun and also at the same time, knowledge-provoking-

  • Presentation of various facts in a distinctive and a definite form

In the absence of statistics, every fact and every research would seem vague and obscure. Statistics provide us with figures which back up the statement being made in a logical mannerism. The results which are put forth by statistical studies are far more convincing and trustable than those which are expressed in terms of qualitative answers.

  • Accuracy in a condensed way

Statistics present complex data in a précised and a simple format. It reduces the complexity and gives us meaningful information condensed in a scientific method. It also takes durable care of the precision and accuracy that are vitally necessary.

  • Making comparison-

To make relevant comparisons in a diversely spread arena is made easy when dealing with statistics. It helps you in quantifying the relationships between two entities and helps the government in the process of legislating policies in such cases. Comparison and relationship extraction help a great deal in substantiating the reflective results of various phenomena.

  • Knowledge Augmentation

A person who has a considerable back-up of statistical data in his talks apparently appears more confident and trustworthy than a person who doesn’t. The knowledge basis of a statistics student is far more prudent, logical and evasive than others. Statistical studies are very prominent in escalating the levels of knowledge of an individual. Also, it improvises the reasoning skills and rational thinking abilities of a person.

  • Uncertainty Prediction

We all understand that the future is unpredictable. It is uncertain to all of us to say that a particular thing will happen or will not. But statistics, in this regard, comes to our rescue in helping us measure or forecast the future based on the past studies. Various phenomena of the world can be estimated to an extent with basing our predictions on the current statistical scenario of the same. This reduces our faltering over the future and its uncertainty.

These points of importance regarding statistics and also a deeply stimulated thinking over the same can make a student realize the significance of statistics. Working in a specific domain needs the knowledge of the domain and also its various facets.

What are the essential factors which aid in instilling a consistent motivation?

Motivation, like said earlier, needs to be consistent and fulfilling. Only then, it is possible to materialize the interests and efforts of an individual student towards success. Here is a list of some powerful motivation strategies which will make anybody to gather motivation towards something crucial they are working on-

  • Social Interaction

The students, who have already worked on the assignment, need to be told by the respective teacher to share their way of an idea to go about with it. This information needs to be effectively passed on to especially those students who find themselves in a mess in doing the assignment. The student lingo which is comprised of informality, friendliness, companionship and no fear, actually help the weaker ones in grasping the content more efficiently.

  • Intrinsic Motivation

Intrinsic motivation means that there should be a driving fascination of the student towards statistics. You would learn to develop a mania for your subject when you vividly understand and comprehend the practical implications of it. So, firstly, know that you are working with a clearly thought-provoking subject which is very significant and contributive to the wellness of the society. Grow a passion for your interests and personally try to appreciate the good in your subject.

The advantage of this method of motivation is that you really begin to love your subject rather than just craving for the end result. It promotes your learning in a self-sustainable way which is usually long lasting and immune to other distractions which may arise.

  • Extrinsic Motivation

Extrinsic motivation is that which involves the motivation which is derived from the affection, trust and promises made to one’s elders, parents, siblings, etc. Suppose you promise your mother or father that you are going to do something. If the promise sends thoughts through your heart about what you should be doing and drives you to achieve it, it is called as extrinsic motivation. It is that motivation which you obtain from your external surroundings.

So, set yourself timing and work according to it. Put up a chart or a proverbial sentence on your wall, cupboard, etc., looking at which reminds you of your duty to do that share of your work for that particular day.

Extrinsic motivators produce a shimmering difference in behavioral patterns and readily involve you in materializing your thoughts easily.

Why do students lose focus and motivation?

Despite trying to be entirely concentrated on your assignment work, you might be finding yourself faltering at moments. Below might be the probable reasons for it-

  • You might be unmotivated because you consider yourself as not capable of doing it.
  • The classroom engagement percentage of yours might make you get distracted.
  • You might not be holding a compatible relationship with your teacher.
  • Your lack of determination in making yourself rejuvenate after initial failings can also be a reason.
  • Lack of self-confidence also leads to a break of focus.
  • Degradation of self-esteem also affects a person in losing their confidence. Do not let others words influence you.
  • External crises and situations might affect you.
  • Internal prejudices about things in life also are capable of draining out the motivation for Always try to stay positive, optimistic and calm. These would help you even in the long run.

So, these are the ways in which you might be finding yourself deviating from the focused pinnacle of your goal. Why just with statistics, you can also use these steps for other subjects.

Nevertheless, you must always try to benefit out of any situation, whatsoever. Learn to extract those sources of inspiration from all kinds of circumstances that surround you. Do not lose hope. And always and always try to regain your focus!