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What Student’s Avoid Their Accounting Homework Given by Professor?

by Mar 14, 2017Homework Help

Accounting is the part of maths subject. It deals with financial condition of a person, group of person or an organization. There are some standards in this subject on the basis of which calculation is dome. It includes expenses, expenditure, liability and asset. On the basis of balance sheet you prepare in accounting, you can come to know about your profit or loss scenario at any instance of time, also liability you need to pay, asset you have and expenses you have done.

On that basis, you can calculate profit or loss at that instance and risk you can take. It is very important for any person to know about accounting. But some people feel it very difficult to know the subject accounting. One reason can be that their foundation for accounting subject is weak.

The main reason for hating accounting homework

  1. The answer to cengage accounting homework is concept understanding problem of accounting subject. They didn’t pay attention either while performing homework or during the lecture time. Accounting subject is based on principles and standards. If someone understands of rules and standards are proper, he/she can easily understand the basics of this subject. To make your understanding more clear start with theeasy problem then shifts to complex problems.
  1. The answer to cengage accounting homeworkcan be that nobody ever mentions them the importance of the subject and why they should learn it. How this subject will help them at every point of their life. This causes a misconception among the child that those who want to take this subject as their main subject in the future need this subject understanding.

So, they don’t pay attention in the class and while doing homework. This misconception worsens the situation.  It is the duty of parent and teacher to tell the child importance of this subject. On the first day of lecture, theteacher should brief student about the practical application of the subject and how this subject will help them in future. It will increase the liking of the subject.

  1. The answer to cengage accounting homeworkcan be math phobia. A student already hates maths subject and when accounting started they feel more confused and scared. What to put on asset or liability or expense? Fear leads to avoiding the subject. As soon as parents and teacher came to know about maths phobia, they should start working on it.

The student also needs to take few steps like being relaxed when you encounter maths problem, try to understand the concept, think about thepractical application, start solving thesolved problem in the textbook, it will increase your motivation and then try thecomplex and unsolved problem. If further attention is required on that chapter, try different books problem. Once maths phobia is gone, you will start liking accounting problems.

  1. The answer to cengage accounting homework can be thewrong Parents think homework as aburden; this thinking is transferred to the child. Initially, he/she was escaping homework and no one told them anything and now the condition has become worse. This problem should be taken care at very early stage. Although parent is busy but they should pay agood amount of attention while thechild is performing homework.
  2. They should encourage thechild to do homework. They should help the child to build a routine to perform homework. This help in understanding the importance of time management. Homework help child in completing the syllabus before thefinal exam. This helps the child to build theconfidencein any subject. You can also go for posts like “Homework is a joint effort of parents and students! Know why?” to know more about the topic.
  1. The answer to cengage accounting homework can be studied circle influence. It is possible that your study circle does not like accounting subject. They are not able to understand the concept clearly so they are unable to help you during concept understanding and homework completion. The only solution to this problem is tochange the study circle for aspecific.

You can also take help from atutor. Now a day’s online tutor help is also available. It saves your time of traveling. Also, you will be able to connect with students who are attending same coaching classes. You can find study circle there that will help you in concept understanding and homework completion. Also, you can take help from aprofessor of your college.

  1. The answer to cengage accounting homework can be influencedby fellow friends in the school. Friends are the person who is very close to the student, if thefriend like the subject, thechild will also like it and if friends dislike any subject, thechild will also dislike it. To avoid this situation, theparent should help achild in making friends who are good in studies and are of friendly and helping nature. He/she will help achild in completing homework.