What Organic Compounds Contain Nitrogen?

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Getting to the core of organic compounds

Organic compounds are those which can be derived from hydrogen, carbon, and oxygen. However, in most of these compounds, there are high chances that the molecular structure will have a strong component of nitrogen. Though chances of presence of other components are high; it is specifically the amount of nitrogen that scientists are concerned with.

Some of the most important organic compounds are – methylamine, trimethylamine, and dimethylamine to name a few. Along with it, the amides have a huge amount of nitrogen component within themselves.

‘Incorrect derivations’ and the problems faced by students

The basic problems that students face are –

  1. Differentiating the carbon content that is present in various organic compounds.
  2. Calculating the percentage of nitrogen component in each of these compounds.
  3. Problems regarding experiments associated with various organic and inorganic compounds.
  4. Problems in understanding the formation of a mine and esters in these compounds and their association.

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