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What My Homework Is Today? How Can Teachers Be Trained to Support Students Equally?

by Apr 9, 2017Homework Help

The entire system of education is getting replaced by Educational technology. This is the application of both physical hardware and scholastic knowledge. It embraces numerous provinces, including book learning scheme, computer-oriented preparation, and online scholarship. The same case where mobile knowledge is used is called m-learning. For that reason, there are more than a few isolated features to defining the rational and methodological development of educational technology. It is time to get relief from the struggles of what my homework is today thought and explore more. One of the base requisite of educational technology is the fact that teachers need to be acknowledged about the system and its norms. The same issue is analysed and viewed in the following few sections.

Reasons in support of training to teachers

  • They are the mediators who bridge the gap between a barbarous person and an educational personality. It is through their shear hard work that the students undergoes a transformation and become ready to serve the future. The internet is an immense ocean of knowledge. It has both merits and demerits. A teacher must education well enough the student to discriminate between the poor and the good use of technology.
  • Teachers are figures to who the pupils look up to. Their role is significant in their life.so, while getting through the path of e learning, suppose the student comes across a doubt. It is the teacher who must come to his/her rescue in cases as this. And thus, we understand that it vital to educate them, before anything. Thus, when students are stuck up in the maze and wonder what my homework is today, it is the soothing words of the teachers which come to the rescue.
  • Educational technology cannot be obviously a replacement to traditional education system. It is better to viewed as an instrument that facilitates the traditional style of education. Every teacher has his/her own process of giving lessons. That when augmented with the tools of technology would be as if serving dual purpose. The benefits of both would be availed by the students.
  • Certain theories and laws seek the assistance of software that can explain the concepts properly. For using such methods the teachers need to be trained well with the use of e learning tools. Also it helps in better planning and execution process, and helps the students to be relieved of what my homework is toda.

Initial learning programs

It is a well famed concept that only a good student can prove to be a good teacher. As a teacher, one will have to prepare and execute lesson plans, encourage students and evaluation assignments. In such a responsible position as a professional teacher, one may provide career assistance and help students get hold of internships or even job placements. Moreoever the students are sorting more to be learning. So, as teachers it would be required to know about it, so as to guide the students well. So, the teachers need to undergo an initial learning program that enlightens them with the various aspects of technological educational. Getting acquainted with online help is an essential for teachers of 21st century. One must imbibe to it and get out of the maze that tortures one with thoughts of what my homework is today.

 Empowering through exploration

Technology is such a domain which transcends beyond time and age. Once the teachers and educators are imparted with knowledge about e learning, they can always rediscover new and novel aspects in the domain. The usual clich̩d method of trying and testing works well with everything around us. Upon reception of initial base information, the teachers can go for trial and testing mode. With the various instruments of technological education, they can also spice up the teaching manner with their own unique process. This would serve as dual purpose combining both merits of traditional education and technological learning. Only then can they remove the fear of students thinking Рwhat my homework is today!

Learn and let learn

It is rightly said that a person would be a student all through their life. The education system is one, which is always dynamic. Learning as well is not static in nature. One has to keep oneself updated with the latest developments. The incorporation of the latest technology itself is very random, and it is service that works both ways. This implies that the teachers would be teaching the students and at various junctures it may so happen that the teachers end up getting acquainted with some of the technical aspects from the students. Certain tools that are available online are not just meant for students, but also for tutors as well. There would be more time for the students to put in constructive use, once they shrug off the thoughts regarding what my homework is today.

Being at par with advancements

For everyone it is an absolute necessity to keep them at par with the technological progress. For a pupil, a teacher is one of the most influential people. The case being so, it is the sole duty of the teachers to maintain their aura. As a part of that, proper effort must be put in by them to be in synchronisation with the newest technological progress.  Morally and also personally it has turned up to be of utter need. During the hard times of the students when what is my homework today thought frustrates them, it is through the teachers that they obtain solace.

So, above illustrated were the various needs and also the benefit of educating teachers with educational technology. It is through their combined effort that an entire generation of people receive quality education without the thought – what my homework is today. Going through the article entitled “What are the biggest changes you’ve seen in educational technology in your 15 years in the field?” would fetch you a better way of view of the idea that has been collaged here.