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What is Oligopoly Assignment Help in Economics?

by Oct 15, 2014Economics

Do you know what oligopoly is? Oligopoly is a market structure where sellers are very less in number. Because there are very few sellers, competition is high and each and every seller is aware of the other one. One has to plan strategically in order to stay in the market. One decision taken by one seller tends to affect other sellers as there is rise and fall in price randomly.

What assignment help teaches?
Oligopoly assignment help teaches you that sellers have to face tough competition here. When you are given an assignment on oligopoly market, it is recommended that you research market structure very carefully.

The more you study market, it will be easier for you to understand as to what is given in your assignment and when your assignment will be submitted to you by the teachers of assignment help, and you will be able to understand the topics well.

What are the features of oligopoly market?
There are some very important features of oligopoly market. They are:

  • When there is equality in marginal revenue and cost, oligopoly tends to have profits.
  • The oligopolies have power to make their prices rather than change their prices.
  • There are profits made that are doing in long run businesses. Products are standard and also can be differentiated.
  • Firms are less and so competition is high. But then, business is all about profits and losses amongst competitions.
  • Be confident while you are in the business and take decisions with utmost patience especially in oligopoly market, teaches Oligopoly assignment help.

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