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What If, You Stop Avoiding and Start Loving Biology Assignments?

by May 15, 2017Biology

The choice of subjects depends on the interest of the students. The field of interest varies from one student to another. But the course design doesn’t always permit the student to choose the subjects of their interest.

Some students are bound to take a subject which they are not fascinated by.In my experience, I have seen, my friend had to take culinary classes for the completion of the course regardless how she felt about cooking. All I know is, she used to skip her classes and during exams she did repent about it.

Similarly, some students have to take Biology as their subject, either for the completion of the course or other issues. But the burden of a subject without interest is too heavy to bear. That is why many students start avoiding Biology assignments.

Let me give you a detailed explanation about the subject; Biology.

What is Biology?

  • It is a natural science
  • Study of life, living organisms, their structure, functions, growth, evolution
  • It is the study of characterisation of the living organisms

Biology is a vast subject. Depending on the scale and kinds of organism studied, it has been divided into subdivisions. Such as:

  • Biochemistry: Study about elementary chemistry of life.
  • Molecular Biology: To examine complex interaction between molecules.
  • Botany: Biology of plants.
  • Cellular Biology: Study about cells.
  • Evolutionary Biology: Study of diversity of life.
  • Ecology: Interaction of organisms and environment.

How long is your Biology Degree course?

  • Undergraduate Biology degrees run for three or four years, depending on your country.
  • Some Universities offer MSc. instead of BSc. with a combined course of five years.
  • During the first year of the course you are expected to attend many classes, and laboratory works and Field works.
  • After choosing your specialisation, from the second year, you may end up with laboratory-based works.
  • You have to undertake a research project at the end of your degree.
  • After the completion of course, you may start with your own personal research work or join an organisation.

Specialisations or degree combination for the course:

Now as I said, you have to choose your field of interest. As the Subject Biology is vast and diverse, you may have to decide about the choice before starting the course or mid-course.

The Four elemental divisions of Biology are:

  • Animal Biology:

Known as Zoology. It is the study of animals, its principles and characteristics. Zoology has one more subdivision, Marine and Freshwater Biology. It is the study of aquatic organisms, environment and aquaculture.

  • Molecular Biology:

Study of the molecular basis. It aims to understand the nature and interaction of the living organisms. You may learn about the disease characteristics and study about medicines and mutations.

  • Human Biology:

This subject has many subdivisions:

  • Physiology.
  • Biochemistry.
  • Cell biology.
  • Anatomy: Study of composition and working of the human body.
  • Neurobiology: About nervous system and the focal point is in the brain. It provides ailments of psychiatric and neurological disorders. It is the most complex subject.
  • Evolutionary Biology:

Concentrates on the changes of life and organisms, its behaviour in the ecosystem.

  • Computational Biology:

A recently introduced subject. It demands knowledge of Mathematics and Computer Science.

Have you ever wondered why you avoid Biology assignments?

Allow me to put some light on the reasons. It will help you to realise drawbacks and eventually you can start anew with subject.

  • The Topic’s nature:

According to the students, the subject requires too much memorization, abstract topics, complicated foreign words, too many complexities to understand, detailed and numerous topics, quickly forgotten.

  • The teaching style of the teachers:

Lack of practical and laboratory observations. Cannot associate the subject with daily life, lack of knowledge and skills of teaching.

  • Studying habits of students:

Irregular study habits and us, students do not listen to teachers, which is a universal problem. Many students don’t like certain topics, and it seems boring to them.

  • Resources and time:

Some schools cannot afford costly types of equipment, some don’t have laboratories and time is a common problem in every issue.

A recent study shows the solution students provide, to make Biology an interesting subject:

  • Revise and reduce the syllabus:

To eliminate foreign terms, to remove some details of some issues, not to teach in details which make subject more complicated.

  • Learning through visual materials:

Introduce figures, explanation through simulation will be very effective, video related teachings will be helpful for complex concepts; teachers must use technology while teaching to draw more attention.

  • More Practical works:

Experiments and observations should be carried on repeatedly.

  • Different study techniques:

Different students understand through various methods. Some prefer learning through solving questions, for some, it will be helpful if same topics are taught more than once and providing with class notes.

  • Make the teaching interesting:

Teachers should teach in an engaging and fun way. Explanations of the foreign words. Associating the subject with real life experiences.

  • Repeated test:

If the students attend repeated tests and assignment it will be fruitful for them.

From my personal experience, I can suggest you, employ some assignment help. There are many sites providing help with assignments of Biology and also proffer distilled clear concept.

There are many students, who avoid Biology classes and fail to submit their assignments. It’s a two way connection problem between the students and teachers. Try to maintain an active communication in the class with teacher. Don’t bother to interrupt teacher with your queries. Because at the end of semester, your interest may not matter, but the grades do. And who knows, maybe after you score good grades, you may start developing a fascination for the subject. Graduating with biology will open many career opportunities for you as well.

The same follows for every subject. If you start digging the concepts of the subject, it will be easier for you, and you will be able to cope with the assignments. Likewise, if you need help with Business Plan studies, you may check out Ways to deal with a subject like Business Plan.

So good luck with Biology!