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What Do You Suggest Is Homework Harmful or Helpful Research?

by Apr 17, 2016Homework Help

The word homework is associated with worries, burden and sleepless nights. Homework is actually a set of works given to the pupil by their teachers and to be finished at home within a specified time period. It may include reading, writing, solving some mathematical problems or typing some computer program, may be a school project etc to be finished at home. Is homework harmful or helpful research has been going on among millions of people always.
You may wonder whether homework is helping your child to learn more or its creating a burden on your adorable child’s shoulder. Is homework harmful or helpful research can help you to conclude something good for the child?
Is homework helpful?

  • Helps in dreaming big:

Your everyday new homework may help you to do a lot of research work, which in turn will help you to learn more interesting facts. As a result you may develop a knack in that particular sphere, and one day you would be able to master the subject. In this way, you can help others by teaching.

  • Homework makes a man smarter:

Homework is actually very interesting. You can do it in a group and different ideas will come pouring and you can make a simply amazing project work. You may earn a lot of applauses and you will feel great. It will be able to build your confidence and will make you a smarter person.

  • It welcomes independent thinking:

Homework helps every student to think independently, away from teachers and friends help. While doing homework many curious questions may arise among the pupil which they can clarify on the next day with the teacher.  It will actually help them to work in real life later.

  • It teaches time management among the pupil:

Sometimes a child may miss his favourite TV show, or a baseball match for the sake of homework. In reality you don’t get what you want always. This homework helps a child to think in that way. You may manage your time in such a way that after finishing your homework so as to join your friends in the park.

  • It’s a great way to sharpen your brain:

Doing daily homework will help your brain to think more and more and to solve the problems or bringing new ideas. Besides it makes you remember all the things taught in class.
Is homework harmful or helpful research goes on for decades, as there are many instances where kids fail to meet up their teachers expected level of homework which may later lead to frustrations and depressions. It may often lead to sleepless nights, purposeless stress, wasting a lot of time and energy, may cause a lot of argument, hampers learning and often resulting into obesity.
Is homework harmfulor helpful research?

  • Children may start disliking the school:

Those children who fail to meet up their teachers’ expectations after working for late hours at night resulting into poor grades makes them feel humiliated. As a result they start finding a reason to skip the school. Is homework harmful or helpful research may one day show some ray of hope among students.

  • A waste of time:

As homework is made compulsory it creates an unnecessary burden on the children to finish them. A fear factor works behind them, resulting into poor quality work. Learning is definitely important, but burdening them with homework will only make them scared.
In this way, is homework harmful or helpful research carries on, and is still a big debatable issue. The more points on is homework harmful.

  • Sleepless nights:

An abundant tasks which needs to be completed in a day keep the kids awaken for long hours at night. As a result they don’t get the optimum amount of sleep needed and remains drowsy and inattentive in class.

  • Homework is really painful:

If you fail to understand the assignment properly in class it may become difficult for you to complete them at home. Sometimes your parents may not be able to help you either then it leads to a lot of stress within you.

  • A stressful affair:

This may cause a lot of tension in your home among you and your kids. It would be painful to see your child focussing only on homework and not even speaking to you.

  • It changes your lifestyle:

By working late nights, bearing the unnecessary stress by focussing only on studies will lead to a lot of mental agony. You might often be reminded by your parents and teachers to lead a healthy life by doing regular exercises, eating and sleeping in a regular time. But they also fail to realize that too much homework has taken the little bit of peace away from you. You are no more that jovial child who used to hover around the playground freely. It’s you who doesn’t get a single free minute.

  • Obesity:

Studying for long can generate your craving to eat more. As a result you may end up munching the junk foods which may lead to overweight and to reduce your inner self esteem.

  • Failure of the teacher to teach properly:

If the teachers in your school teach accurately and with ease, then you do not need to struggle with your homework. You just need to go through whatever has been taught and you will get a crystal clear view of the subject matter.

  • Side effects of the stress:

Too much stress leads to committing suicide among kids. Some kids often suffer from mental trauma and needs constant psychiatrist’s supervision.
Is homework harmful or helpful research is going on throughout the world. The educationalist and the psychiatrists in and around the world are on continuous research to save the children from suffering.
Some steps have been taken in reducing the burden of homework from the children.

  • They can keep some books in the school locker, so that they do not need to carry heavy loads to school.
  • Homework should be given in such a way that it is not burdening the child. For instance 10 minutes homework to be given to a first standard child. The time to be multiplied by the class in which the child is in. for a standard 6 child the homework should be for 10×6= 60minutes.
  • The teachers should help them in doing some the reference works before entrusting them with homework. They should give them some extra time to submit the works.

Is homework harmful or helpful research can lighten up the kids with some hopes and to fulfil their dream.