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What are Things a CA Student Should Definitely Do?

by Sep 30, 2015Accounting

If you are CA student than have definite reasons to be scared. Seeing the pass percentage of the number of students, it is not something very surprising to see you all so tensed. You have tons of assignments, homework, projects, reports, documents to prepare. Not only these, you have to deal with numbers all your life. So what have to do first is CALM DOWN!

Now, achieving success is not a cakewalk, neither it happen in a day. So you should have patience.

Being a CA student what you should do are:

  • Utilize your time properly. Since you have a lot of task to do, proper utilization of the time is extremely necessary.
  • Stuck at any chapter, topic or concept or formula, seek assistance from anybody who think anyone can help. Be it your seniors, friends or professors. Ask questions as much you need to understand and properly grasp the concept.
  • Make a proper planning and design a routine. But only planning will not help. You have to execute that too!
  • Take the Article-ship period very seriously and do not be lazy in that period. Pay attention to the workshops.
  • You have to work hard to do well so do not blame others in case you do not do satisfactory. Certainly you should not blame your institute or professors for that. If others could do well, you can too!
  • Always BELIEVE that you can do it.

You should definitely take some time out to hang out with friends, or party or cherish your hobbies. Do all that as these will give you the energy to do well. A relaxed mind is best for work!

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