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What are the Things one should not do Before the Tests?

by Sep 24, 2015Homework Help

One would find several tips, tricks and instructions about what to do before the examinations. But knowing what not to do is equally important. With increasing competition, neck to neck examinations and assessments of students throughout the year has been proved to be a pioneer of stress, frustration and unexplained behavior among students.

So, what should a student be doing before tests? Many students seek help from tution teachers, elders of their families and from Australian homework help. There would be so many instructions for you to follow before exams, but these are a few things one must avoid doing when the exams are knocking at the door.


  • Do not keep study area untidy:
  • Just a day before test and most of the students do not find their important notes and other Australian homework help documents as the study room is too messy to find something. Do not keep study table and shelves untidy as time would be wasted in search missions.

  • Do not play rigorously:
  • Outdoor games like football, cricket, rugby and other sports should be avoided during exam days. Do not give a chance of hurting yourself even accidentally.

  • Do not eat too spicy foods:
  • Keeping the body healthy is important. Avoid spicy and fast foods before an examination to get rid of stomach upsets.

  • Do not stay awake till late in the night:
  • Resting is essential. Do not spend time studying for long hours just before a test. There is nothing new to study! Just revise Australian homework help.

  • Do not reach the exam hall at the last minute:
  • Being late should be avoided. Reach the examination venue before time so that you have enough time to settle down and relax.

Do not get tensed!

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